Thaw your Frozen food out in a Washing Machine

Front-loading washing machine

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This might sound a bit far out, but did you know that you could thaw out your frozen food pretty quickly by using your washing machine, if your not too sure on how this works, then check out this article that explains the process HERE.

How to Buy and Sell Airline Miles

Economy Class, Oasis HK Airline

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You are in need of or trying to get rid of Airline Miles and you really haven’t a clue as what you should do about the situation, well check out this article that has some ideas on how you can either buy or sell Airline miles, HERE.

Turn your Android, Win Mobile, or Blackberry into Push-To-Talk device

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do the old school Nextel push-to-talk thing with your friends, so it would be more like having a radio and talking to people with a touch of a button instead of phone calls, well check out this application that can achieve this for your Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile device prior to 7 called LoudTalks.

Taking care of the Plants while on Vacation

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When your about to take a trip to a far away land for a few weeks two questions usually come into play, how do i take care of my pet if you have one while away, and how do i take care of my plants while I am away, well check out this article that has a really smart way to water your plants while your away, HERE.

Pretend your Eating Junk to get Full Quicker

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If your going to try to eat less then one way to achieve this might be to trick yourself into thinking the foods your eating is junk and filling you up, this way you can eat less which might benefit you, depending on what you are trying to do with this technique, check out more about this approach to eating, HERE.

Secure Browsing to over 1000 Sites with HTTPS Everywhere

Once the extension is installed, Firefox asks ...

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If you have been using HTTPS Everywhere beta then you will be glad to know that the popular security Firefox extension is coming out of Beta, now supporting over 1000 sites, for secure HTTPS browsing, check out more about this extension, HERE.

Frozen Fruit and Herb Ice Cubes for a tasty chilled summer drink

Ice cubes in glass

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You hate how when you have to chill a drink you have to end up watering it down with Ice cubes, maybe there is another way to both chill your drink without having to distill it with water as the ice cube melts within your drink, check out this article that has a very clever solution to this problem, HERE.

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