SendtoReader sends Websites to your Kindle For Later

Kindle 2.0

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Perhaps you come across an article on the web that you want to read but don’t have a chance to read it right now on your Kindle, then you might be interested in the application SendtoReader.

Your own Encrypted Chat room with Cryptocat

Chat room

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You probably been wishing for years if you could have a private chat room that isn’t hard to setup that is totally secure so that you and your buddies can have conversations without worrying about others peering on your thoughts, well then you might want to give Cryptocat.

Stop your Neighbors from Stealing your WiFi

modem WiFi

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You hate that someone that lives near you is jumping on your WiFi network having you suffer from a horrible internet experience, you probably wish you knew a way to keep them off your WiFi network, well check out this article that has a pretty cool tip to get rid of the leeches, HERE.

Remove bad Smells from drawers with Newspaper

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After your done with that morning newspaper you have a few things you can do with it, but you wanted to get rid of the smell in your drawers and also get rid of the newspaper, well then check out this article that explains how you can use some newspaper to remove those smelly odors, HERE.

How to deal with your Boss Stealing your Ideas

6 Answering Questions

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If you have a boss that often steals your ideas you probably have gotten to a point where you wish you could do something, but your not exactly sure what to do, well check out this article that has some tips on what you can do when your in this situation, HERE.

Learn to Run Barefooted

"Fucking the Third World," Erwin Thurm

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You probably have wondered how people in third world countries can move around so freely when they are bare footed much less run and jump without shoes, well check out this article that has a way you too can learn how to train yourself to run barefooted, HERE.

Compare Car Insurance Rates with Leaky

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Your in the market to purchase some Car Insurance and you want to get the best possible deal, but can’t be bothered to search a thousand and one sites to find that information, well check out this great service that can do the hard work for you on your quest to finding Car Insurance, called Leaky.

The Complain App for Complaints

Customer Service - Library101

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Your on the go and you have just came across the worst customer service in your life and you need the world to know so that not only you but others don’t waste there time in a specific shop or store, well check out the Complain App for you complaint submission needs.

Facebook Messenger combines Facebook Chat with Group SMS

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If most of your friends are on facebook and the rest use SMS and you are a avid user of both then combine both worlds in a new applications released by Facebook Called Facebook Messenger, find out more out the program at Facebook’s Blog Post HERE, iOS Facebook Messenger, Android Facebook Messenger, and Mobile Facebook Messenger.

Lose Weight by Down sizing that Plate

weight loss exercise class

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You probably have thought about this before but using your mind to will yourself to eat less and still feel full from eating a plate of food can do wonders when your trying to lose weight, check out this article that explains more on how this can help your diet out, HERE.

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