Towerstream is Offering Free WiFi in Manhattan

Looking south from Top of the Rock, New York City

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If your in New York City and happen to be strolling in Manhattan you could run into up to 1,000 free Wifi spots ran by the company Towerstream which will allow you to join their network provided you download an app of the day or see and ad for deals in the local area, the WiFi connection will be good for up to 4 hours, for more information on this great service, check out the companies site Towerstream.

Being Vague at times can be a Good thing

Nouvelle Vague (album)

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You probably have learned over time that being Vague isn’t really a good thing, you probably get more being detailed, but there are some situation where being vague can work towards your favor, check out this article that has a list of situation where being Vague can work for you, HERE.

Get rid of that Numb Arm or Leg Quickly

Heart showing the blood flow

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Do you hate to feel your arm or leg numb from lack of blood flow leading to a numb limb, feels a bit painful as you try to move around and takes a few minutes before you get back full feeling to that area, well maybe there is a quicker way to recover from this, check out this article that has a really neat tip to beat this numb feeling, HERE.

Make your Own HD Antenna


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You have seen that there is a big push towards HD TV and in order to get with that program you’ll need a HD Antenna but why bother spending money when you can make your own, for the details on how to do this, check out this article HERE.

Sell your Used Car now, Don’t Buy Them

Asda car park, Utting Avenue. Asda complex, Ut...

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Right now is a great time to sell a Used Car and get some cash if that was your intentions for a while, as opposed to purchasing one now that might run you more than it’s actually worth, check out this article that explains why this is, HERE.

Find PDF Manuals for Amazon Electronic Products

Sunset Over Western South America (NASA, Inter...

Image by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center via Flickr

You purchased a camera a few months ago from Amazon and you don’t have a clue where the manual is and you really have to find out some information right now, well maybe you should check out this article that has a tip on how to search for these manuals, HERE.

Make your Own Seltzer Machine for Bubbled Drinks at Home

NorthKorean mineral water

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Your have a thing for Seltzer water, or just the bubbly feeling you get when you drink that type of water and wished you could bring that bubbly feeling to all your drinks, well maybe you can with your own Seltzer machine, check out the details for building one, HERE.

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