Find Independent Music with Mixest

Android's Robot

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Perhaps your always into listening to new sounds and from those that are up and coming so what better way to get on track with this scene than to use the web app or android application called, Mixest.

How to fit Bent Sunglasses

Womens' sunglasses.

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If you have a pair of sunglasses that is one of a kind or you just love them and wish you had some way to fix them then you might want to check out this article that has a method you could use to fix them, it might not always work depending on the situation but it might be what you have been looking for, check out the article HERE.

Emailing Important People

Nuvola-like mail internet

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When your emailing someone that is important and their time is limited you might want to create your email in a way that gets there attention usually by being direct and precise about what your trying to communicate, for more on how to create emails that will get responses, check out this article HERE.

DIY Mosquito Repeller Device

A DIY plastic-flowerpot-photolamp

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You probably hate Mosquito’s and you’ll do anything to get rid of them, if this is true then you’ll probably be very interested in this DIY project for creating this device that will repel them from your presents, check out more about this project, HERE.

Information Node Android Home Screen

Mobile phone evolution (Japan 1997-2004)

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Perhaps your the type that wants to have a phone that is totally different from a stock version your friend has, so you want to change your Android Home screen into something that looks cool but also has great functionality, then you might want to check out this awesome home screen called, Information Node.

Do you Know what Marijuana Really Do?

Marijuana Small Amount

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Many people claim to know what Marijuana is and how it affects people, in the long and short term, but most of the claims and sterotypes are dead wrong, including the governments classification of the substance, which many doctors now see as inaccurate information at best, check out this article that sheds some much needed light on Marijuana and what its really does to humans, HERE.

Turn a Key into a Bottle Opener

bottle opener GWS

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If you hate to walk around with extra things in your pocket and love to ditch the bottle opener then you might be interested in this DIY project where you take one of your keys and turn it into a bottle opener, don’t worry the key will still work after the project, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

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