DIY Book Weight


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If you have ever read a book more than 200 pages then you know there are times that a Book Weight would be very useful, because when your on pages like 103 or 340 your book is going in all types of directions as you read, check out this great DIY project for creating a cheap and useful, book weight HERE.

Zerply Can create your Online Resume For you

Leonard George Chapman Resume Page 1

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If your looking for a way to create a nice online Resume then you might not need to look further than Zerply which is offering their service to everyone on the web that wants to create a Resume, check out the service Zerply.

Auto SMS replies for you when your Busy

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If you have an Android device and like to automate things then you’ll love this program that will auto-reply to people with a pre-defined message, or schedule an SMS for later on in the day, check out this great app Auto SMS.

Can you Really Know someone?

The Question Is What Is the Question?

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This is a question that humans have probably asked since we started to live in groups, can you really know a person, can someone really understand you, maybe to certain degrees, but nobody might ever be able to understand you, and perhaps that is just the nature of life, check out this article that dives deeper into this question, HERE.

Facebook’s Updated Privacy Settings

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It seems that the people at Facebook have decided to add a few more Privacy controls for their user base to use to control what can and can’t be done on your behalf while on the service, one of the privacy changes concerns the tagging of photos, among other privacy changes, you can find out more about what has change at this post, HERE.

Is now

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It would seem that Cnet‘s has decided to put most of the program they host in a installer that will try to install some Bloatware on your machine as well as the software you downloaded from the site which is very sad, Would have thought the people at wouldn’t resort to such tactics but looks like times are hard, or they are more greedy, either way check out more on this issue, HERE.

Browsing the Web at work may make you more Productive

Social science

Image by Arenamontanus via Flickr

According to the linked article browsing the web for a bit while your at work might be more productive for it, check out this article that talks about the benefits of this behavior, HERE.

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