Wireless Keyboard that’s Powered by Light

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If you have always wanted to have a Wireless Keyboard but don’t like to have to replace batteries every couple of weeks then you might be interested in this Logitech Wireless Keyboard that is Solar powered which also can be powered by the light in your office space, check out the Logitech Wireless Keyboard.

Knot your Power Cords like a Pro so they Don’t Unplug

Ekk electric cable

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If your doing some serious work that requires that you have a Power cable plugged in and it can’t be unplugged because it is a critical issue, then you’ll need to create a knot so that the power cord can’t be unplugged, check out this article that has a bit more detail on how to do this, HERE.

Reply to SMS on your Desktop for your iPhone

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If your at work and you want to SMS but don’t want to get caught on your iPhone then you might be interested in the program DeskSMS for your Iphone that lets you IM from Gchat or other IM clients, for more check out DeskSMS.

Perform Interviews with TheInterviewR

Steven Evatt

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If you have every had to conduct an interview then you know that it isn’t that simple of a process but one way to make the process a bit more simple in some regards is to use the webapp TheInterviewR which handles the recording of the conversation, check out more about this Webapp TheInterviewR.

Google Docs Update 8/24/11

Google Docs

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Today Google Docs has been updated for Android Devices to now allow for web clipboard and opening of google docs with other Office suites, check out the new version of Google Docs for Android.

Add Screenshot’s to your Outlook 2010 Emails

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If your a Outlook 2010 user then you might be looking for an easy way to include screenshot’s into your emails, well then you should check out this post that has a way to do just that, HERE.

Heating or Cooling your Dishes can make your meal Professional

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You may not really think about it but the presentation of a restaurant is what makes you go there, the professional nature of the meal and its delivery makes you want to eat there, well bring a little bit of that to your home by using a trick they use, Heat or Cool your dishes when you serve certain meals, for more on how this works and why it will impress your guest check out this article HERE.

Get your Security Back for an Apartment with a Form

Apartments in St Leonards, New South Wales

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If your about to rent a new apartment and your wary of putting down the Security deposit don’t worry that much by protecting yourself and draft and “Rental walk through condition form” which protects your security deposit being taken because the landlord doesn’t agree with the condition you left the apartment in, for more on this form, check out this article HERE.

DOT issues new rules for Airline Passenger Treatment effective 8/30/11

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If your have been miss treated by an Airline then you will be pleased to know that the US DOT has decided to update the rules regarding how Airline Passengers treatment, and the consequences of airlines violating your rights as a Passenger aboard their plane, for more on what these new rules are, check out this post HERE.

Springpad lets you Share with your Facebook Friends

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If you have been using Springpad or heard of it then you will be pleased to know that they haev just updated the program to now allow you to share your notes with your Facebook Friends, for more check out Springpad.

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