Find Duplicate Tracks in your Music Library with DupeGuru

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If you have a music collection on your computer that is over 10 songs then finding duplicate tracks might be something your very much interested in finding to make sure your library is as clean as possible, well then you might want to check out this program for Mac, Windows and Linux called DupeGuru.

Put on some healthy Weight

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If your looking to add a few pounds because you feel you need to bulk up then you might be wondering how to do that a healthy way, well maybe just eating certain types of nuts and fruits will pack a few extra pounds, for more on which fruits and nuts to eat in order to bulk up, check out this article HERE.

Wear Black When cleaning Windows or Glass

Toilet cleaning supplies.

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If your going to be cleaning your house and you know your going to be hitting up the windows for their annually cleaning then you might want to wear some black clothes, and for why you might want to do this, well check out this article that has a good reason for why you should do this, HERE.

7Notes has your Writing on your iPad

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If you like to have a program for your iPad that allows you to to write with your fingers then you might be interested in 7Notes, which allows you to write with your fingers for starters, find out more about the program 7Notes for the iPad.

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