Search Craigslist with Craigstant

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If you use Craigslist often then you might not like the services search engine, it might lack a few features or leave something to be desired based on the interface design so, if you want to try something different you should try out Craigstant for your next Craigslist Search.


Track your Projects and Create Invoices for your Freelance work


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If your a Freelance worker and you have a few projects your working on and you need to create invoices for your work then you might want to check out the program Bunker.

Need Text Expansion for Android check out Textspansion

Android Market

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If you need to get your Text Expansion on when your using your Android Device then you should check out the program Textspansion that will get your on your road to messing with your devices text, for the great price of free, for more check out Textspansion.

Picking a Kindle that is Right for you

Amazon Kindle

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If you have long wanted to venture into the land of ebooks then you might be best served by a Kindle but the real question is what type of kindle will work for you, and that is where this handy article comes in with a graph that will show you which kindle might work for you based on features, for more check out the article HERE.

How to Save a Seat on a Flight

Barf brand laundry and dish soaps

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If you ever wanted to make sure a Seat on a flight isn’t used for whatever reason, you might not have thought about using your Barf bag as a means to hold that spare seat, check out this article that talks about this tactic in more detail, HERE.

Restore Missing Addons in Firefox 7

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If you are a little upset about some of your Addons missing in Firefox 7 then you might be interested in this Addon that will get them back for you, check out this fix HERE until this is fixed by Firefox in a future update.

Stop Sharing your Spotify sections with Facebook

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If you want to stop sharing what your listening to on Spotify with your Facebook friends for a few or for good then you probably should check out this article HERE.

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