Save on Prescription cost with BidRx

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If your always making purchases of prescriptions then you might want to check out this service called BidRx that will have pharmacies bid for your purchase, sounds interesting, and at the very least you could save some money on your prescriptions, check out more about the service BidRx.

Pocket Survival Kit

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If your the type that likes to be prepared for disaster then you probably should have a Pocket Survival kit that will get you through the few hours after a natural disaster or a disaster in general, for more on what this Pocket Survival kit is about check out this site, HERE.

Download Sites for Offline Viewing with Fresh WebSuction


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If you have a need to download a website for viewing offline then you might be looking for a program that will take care of this need, well here comes Fresh WebSuction that will pull down a website for you with little effort on your part, for more check out Fresh WebSuction.

Reviewing your Daily Work Diary for Self Improvement

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If you keep a Work Diary of what you have done at the workplace each day, you can use this diary to figure out how you spend your day at work, and then you can figure out ways to improve upon your daily work routine, for more on how this may work for you, check out this article HERE.

Share Bookmarks and Images with Pleeq

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If your into keep Bookmarks to important sites you come across that you like to review later for reference, or images that you find amazing that you don’t want to lose track of, then you may be interested in the service Pleeq that can store all of this for you, for more check out the service Pleeq.

Understanding your Risk Factors when Applying for a Job

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If you know your weaknesses then it will be easier to win the overall battle, and this is no different when your fighting the war of unemployment or just seeking employment in general, which is pretty hard these days with the US economy, but if your understand your short coming then you might be better prepared to get that job, check out this article that talks more about the approach to getting a job, HERE.

Maintain Focus by Treating Life like a Diet?

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If you have ever been on a Diet then you know that focus is pretty much like gaining weight, if you lose focus you’ll become a waste, if you maintain focus you will always be at a peaceful balance in life, if this sounds odd or confusing, check out the Harvard article that breaks this down further, HERE.

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