Using Wood Ash to clean your Dishes in the Wild


Image by Doug Beckers via Flickr

If you are out camping or in the woods roughing it out, then you might not always have access to things you need like soap for cleaning dishes, well luck for you, you can use the Wood Ash from the fire you created to cook your food to clean off the dishes you ate your meal on, check out this article for the details on how this works HERE.

Use Google Docs to Translate PDFs

Google Docs

Image via Wikipedia

If you have a PDF file that is in some language you have no clue how to read then you might consider opening up that file in Google Docs for a Translation, check out more on how this works, in this article HERE.

Decrease Heating bills by Increasing your Homes Thermal Mass

Thermal mass flow meters

Image via Wikipedia

If you have been putting off some repairs or renovation to your house you might reconsider that notion because depending on what changes you need to make, you could save yourself in the long run by increasing the Thermal Mass of your house, leading to less need for heating, for more on how this works check out this article HERE.

Get Custom Widgets and More with Elixir 2 for Android

Android robot logo.

Image via Wikipedia

If your into making your own Custom Widgets or doing other things that require you to dig a bit deeper into your Android device then you need not look further than the program Elixir 2 for Android.

Share Websites with Bo.Lt

JV Hiking_2009 11 29_0774_edited-1.jpg

Image by CaptainJustice via Flickr

If your into creating your own custom versions of websites or sharing sites with your friends, then you might be interested in the service Bo.Lt which will allow you to share a web site and much more, check out the service Bo.Lt.

Removing Security Screws

a bolt and a screw

Image via Wikipedia

If you have a item that has some funky looking screws that you don’t know how to get out then most likely they are security screws that can only be removed with a special tool, but you probably could use a Rotary Tool to do the job all the same, check out this article that talks about how to do this with a Rotary Tool, HERE.

Smozzy lets you Browse the Web VIA SMS for Android T-Mobile Devices

t-mobile sim card carrier

If your on T-Mobile and your data plan is very small or non-existant than you might be interested in the Android program Smozzy which will have you browsing the web VIA SMS or MMS, check out this amazing program Smozzy for Android T-Mobile devices.

SiteSucker Gives Mac OS Offline Websites

Mac OS logo

Image via Wikipedia

If you have a need to view a web site offline then you might need some software to do this for your Mac OS, and what a better program to use than SiteSucker.


Create your Own Lunchables for 30% Less

IMG_2422 copy

Image by nyweb2001 via Flickr

If your a fan of Lunchables or your kids are, then you might be interested in making your own Lunchables and save yourself a few dollars every month, check out this article that details on to do this, HERE.

Windows 8 Will see Shorter Boot Times

Build - Windows 8 Preview [21]

Image by bigdigo via Flickr

If your interested in the progress of Windows 8 then you’ll probably like to know the fact that the new version of windows set for a release next year sometimes will sport faster boot times, and possibly shorter shut down time, check out the Official Microsoft blog for more details, HERE.

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