ClipMenu is a Free Clipboard for Mac OS

Mac OS logo

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If your in need of a Clipboard program for your Mac OS but your not interested in spending any more to find one, then you have the perfect solution in ClipMenu for Mac OS.

Break down your Health Insurance with Cake Health

Health Insurance

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If your health Insurance plan is pretty confusing and you have no clue as to what your benefits are and what you are entitled to, then you might want to check out the service Cake Health that might make sense out of the non-sense for you, check out the service Cake Health.

Protocol.By will get your Email Signature Working for you

The Winner of the Most Creative Email Signatur...

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If you like your Email’s Signature to mean more than just that, then you might consider the service Protocol.By which will put more information in your Email Signature making it easier for pesople that look properly at the email to know ways to contact you, for more check out the service Protocol.By

Price Tracking service Decide now tracks Mobile Devices


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If you have heard of Decide it is a price tracking service for devices such as cameras or HDTV‘s but now it has added Mobile devices to its price tracking list, check out the service Decide.

Share your Keyboard and Mouse over Multiple PCs

Compaq keyboard and mouse

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Mouse without Borders is a program for windows that will allow you to share a keyboard and mouse with multiple computers at the same desk, which is useful if you have a few different machines and don’t want to have a keyboard / mouse for each machine, you can even drag and drop items from machine to machine, be sure to check out Mouse Without Borders.

iOS Alarm Application

Alarm clock

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If you need to wake up in the morning but standard alarm clocks just don’t cut it for you, then you might try this Alarm app for your iOS device that will require you to shake the device to turn the alarm off, which might be more of an effective way to wake you up from your slumber, check out the app HERE.

Learn a New Language on your Own for Free

Montage of languages. Prototype header for the...

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If you are on a mission to pick up a new language or two then you’ll need some type of method for learning this language, either a class or a good book and friends to help you out, or you could go it alone with the knowledge imparted in this article to lead you on your way to picking up a new language, check out this article for the details on how to do this HERE.

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