Music Service MOG offers a Free Ad Supported Version

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If you have heard about the Music streaming service MOG but you were unwilling to shell out a few bucks to use it, now you can use an Ad supported version of the service for free, check out more about the service MOG.

Understanding your Nvidia Card

Image representing NVidia as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

If you seen Nvidia cards the names of them don’t really tell you much about what the device is capable of, and when purchasing a system you need to know what the graphically capability of the system is for various reasons, check out this chart that will attempt to explain Nvidia devices a bit more clearly, HERE.

Thuuz Keeps you up to date with popular Sports events

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If your looking for a mobile app that will keep you up to date with sporting events that are of interest to you or just interesting in general then you need to check out Thuuz for Android and iOS devices.

Find Cheaper Airfare on International Airline Websites

Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 747-300...

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If your about to make an airline purchase you might want to check out the airlines international or foreign website for better deals than you would on the american versions of their sites, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

Sync your Android device Wireless with Cheetah Sync

Android robot logo.

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If your not into syncing your device with a wire because of the advent of WiFi and other wireless standards then you’ll be interested in the program Cheetah Sync for your android device that can sync it up with a Mac or PC, check out the app Cheetah Sync.

Make your Linux or Mac Command Prompt more Friendly


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If you have ever worked from the command prompt on a mac or a Linux machine then you might have found it not that pleasurable of an experience, you might try to spice it up a bit by trying to tweak in the article linked, HERE.

Project Collaboration made Easy with Trello

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Image by Prefeitura de Sete Lagoas via Flickr

If you have to work on a project with multiple members in different locations or working at different times, then collaboration can sometimes be a problem, but you can resolve that problem with the new service called Trello.

Exercise Convict Style for a Gymless Workout

Abu Ghraib 60

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If your worried about staying fit, and having to purchase a membership to some crappy gym, then you need to consider exercising like a convict in prison does, because when you think about it, they are more fit than people that have access to gyms and personal trainers, might be odd but it may work for you, for more on how convicts work out, check out this article HERE.

Find a Flight with Google Flight

Google Fractal

Image by Junyu Wang | 王俊煜 via Flickr

Google offers so many services and yet another new service out of the good folks at Google is called Google Flight and you can use the new service to find cheap flights, check out Google Flight for your traveling needs.

Clone your Windows Drive with DriveImage XML

The Windows family tree.

Image via Wikipedia

If you need some software for perform a disk image of your Windows machine then you might want to take a look at the program DriveImage XML which is for the amazing price of free, and supports most modern versions of Windows, check out DriveImage XML.

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