Take care of your Stainless Steel with WD-40

Kitchen Knife 02 Stainless steel Tablespoon

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If you have some Stainless Steel kitchen items that you like to clean and protect against damage then you might consider using some WD-40 on them, it might not sound right at first, but check out this article that explains its usage in this manner, HERE.

Netflix Separates its DVD and Streaming Services

Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...

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It would appear Netflix no longer feels that its DVD service and Streaming service are related enough to house both services on its website and so have separated the services to different sites, for more on the recent Netflix changes check out this article HERE.

Find an Expert near you with LocalHero for the iPhone

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If your in need of an expert in some type of field for work your doing or perhaps research you can now use this iPhone app called LocalHero to find that expert and hopefully procure some of their time for your needs, check out LocalHero.

How to Survive a Gunshot Wound

Gunshot wound to the left thigh showing entry ...

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If your in a battle zone, or certain urban areas, learning to deal with Gunshot Wounds might be a skill that saves your life, so with that said perhaps you might want to check out this article that details how to deal with Gunshot Wounds, HERE.

Get multiply Linux Distros from NetBootCD

Tux, the Linux penguin

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If your looking for a One CD solution to carrying around your favorite Linux Distro‘s then you need to check out NetbootCD which will have various versions of Linux all on one CD, it works by connecting to the net and getting the latest version of the distro you choose, for more check out NetBootCD.

A Second Job can help you in more than One Way

TechDIY workshop at NEMAF

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If most cases we look at a second job as a chance to make some money that we otherwise would lack, but usually all we see a second job is as a extra set of cash and duties you perform, check out this article that explains how a second job can benefit you more than just from some extra cash earned, HERE.

Improve your Mac Store Experience with Appalicious

Mac App Store

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If you find that the Mac Store isn’t always the best way to navigate to find a app your looking for, then maybe you should try out the front end call Appalicious that will offer the things the Mac Store has left out, like filtering of apps, for more check out Appalicious.

Painting Your Brick Fireplace

A den or family room in Camarillo, California,...

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If you are trying to give your house a little pep up before the holiday season comes around, part of that might include painting over the Fireplace this year, well if you don’t really have a clue how your should approach this task, then maybe you can check out this article for some tips, HERE.

How Pessimism or Optimism can drive your Investments

,., decision making

Image by nerovivo via Flickr

If your investing money at any given time, your decision making may not always be based on the best possible deal, you might be influenced by the general pessimism or optimism of the general atmosphere in terms of politics and business, for more on how this affects the way you invest, check out this article HERE.

Becoming Diaper Free with “Elimination Communication”

Oscar and his new potty chair

Image by carpediem37 via Flickr

In the past parents in certain parts of the world never used Diapers but instead tried to learn when their child would need to use the bathroom and have them go to the bathroom, this worked for several reasons, but recently this process has picked up steam as a viable way to train your child how to use the bathroom, while also becoming diaper free, check out about Elimination Communication.

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