Run on your Treadmill while Watching a Race on TV


Image by Bitman via Flickr

One way to improve your experience while on a treadmill is to watch a video of a race, which will give you a view of something different than your room, and it will also motivate you some what, for more on why this might work for you, check out this article HERE.

Get More Control From your Android Lock Screen

Android lock screen

If you have always wondered if there was some way to trick out your Android Lock screen so that you get some more information or control of your device from there, then you need to check out this article that details some pretty slick ways you can improve your Android Lock screen, check out the article HERE.

Find People that Been to the same Foursquare locations as you with InterSquare

Foursquare (social networking)

Image via Wikipedia

If your a user of the Geo-Location service Foursquare then maybe you would be interested in checking out the service InterSquare which sees who’s been at the same locations as you on a regular basics, that way you might be able to meet a new friend, check out InterSquare.

Breaking down the Science of Salary

Group portrait people getting salary

Image via Wikipedia

Have you ever wanted a way to view salary from a some what factual point of view, well check out this infograph that attempts to break things down in a way that makes your salary, and where you are on the salary train a bit more clearer, check out the infograph HERE.

Cooking Fish Properly in 10 Minutes

Ddeokbokki (panbroiled rice cakes with vegetab...

Image via Wikipedia

If you like to eat fish then you probably know that it doesn’t take that long to actually cook fish, in fact it only takes about 10 minutes, and to boot this is a rule when cooking fish, check out this article that talks about cooking fish by the 10 minute rule, HERE.

Share Videos on your iPhone with Klip


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If you record a decent set of vidoes and like to have a program that made it simple to share them with others then you might want to check out the program Klip for the iPhone.

Find toys for Kids at

Wooden toys of Channapatna, a town in India fa...

Image via Wikipedia

If your looking for some online site to check for toys for your favorite kid, then you need not look past!

Find coupons online with CouponCodes

Hot Deals, Online Coupons, Discount Coupon Cod...

Image by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ via Flickr

If your the type that looking for a bargain and have turned to the internet for your coupon and rebate searching, then you may have a service that just for you called CouponCodes.

Identified Creates a Professional profile from your Facebook profile

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Identified is a service that wants to take your Facebook profile and turn it into a professional looking profile, where you can engage with your Facebook friends in a service professional manor, for more on this new service check out Identified.

Removing Ink Stains with Milk & Vinegar?


Image via Wikipedia

If you have an Ink stain you may have thought to yourself if there is anything you have on hand that can get rid of it, well here comes the Vinegar and milk to the rescue, how to this work, check out this article for the details, HERE.

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