Yawning isn’t for signally you might be Tired

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Did you know that the act of Yawning is associated with cooling off of the brain and it also keep you alert to your surroundings, this might sound very weird but check out this article that talks more about this HERE.

Keep Track of your Goals with AskMeEveryday

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If you find yourself sometimes getting caught up with day to day life and fall off track of your long term goals, and wish there was some type of way to get a reminder everyday to keep you on track for your long term picture, then you should check out the service AskMeEveryday.

Kobo Pulse Reader apps Gets your Facebook Friends thoughts

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If your use a Reader program on your mobile device then you might want to check out the program Kobo Pulse Reader which will offer you the ability to share not only the book your reading with your Facebook friends but get there feedback on the book, down to the current page your reading, for more check out the Kobo Pulse Reader App.

Penzu Mobile Journal

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If you like to keep a Journal and your a Digital type of person then you might be interested in the services offered by Penzu that has a mobile app for Android or iOS devices so that you can get your journal on, while mobile, for more check out Penzu for Mobile.

Conmigo For Android Helps you Split the Rent with Roomates

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If you always seem to have issues when it comes to splitting the rent at the end of the month take the hassle out of this task by using Conmigo for Android, which will evenly or split the rent how you see fit, for more check out Conmigo for Android.

Windows 7.5 Rolling out to Select Devices

Windows Mobile Device Center

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If your a fan of the new look Windows 7 mobile devices then you’ll probably be happy to know that a new release of the Mango version of Windows mobile version 7.5 has been released today to some devices, and over the next 2 weeks all capable devices should see the update, for more on this update check out this article, HERE.

PhraseExpress offers Text Expansion for Windows

Notepad2 is an open-source text editor for Mic...

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If you need Text Expansion in windows and your not looking to spend any more on software for personal use, then you should give the program PhraseExpress a Try which can expand your text for free, check out PhraseExpress.

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