Learning to use VIM for Text Editing

Screenshot of Vim text editor

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If your looking for a text editor that will have you editing like a pro, then you may want to give VIM a go it is completely mouse free text editing, check out VIM.

Two Bowls are all you need to Peel Garlic in seconds

D. Mitrohin. Onions and Garlic. 1973. Pencil d...

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If you have ever had to cook and used Garlic then you might have something against peeling it, but did you know all you need is 2 large bowls and a few seconds to un-peel that Garlic, check out this article that talks about this technique HERE.

Firefox 7 Add-on Bug

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If you have just upgraded to the new Firefox 7 then you might have noticed some of your Add-ons didn’t make the trip to this version of Firefox or so you think, but they might still be there just a bit lost, for more on the bug with Firefox 7 and Add-ons check out this article HERE.

Watch how you Breathe on your Wireless Network

modem WiFi

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If you ever wondered how can you get a better WiFi signal you will be shocked to learn that not breathing is one way to keep your WiFi signal good, also moving is a big no no for getting a good WiFi signal, for more on why your WiFi signal can be weakened by movement, check out this article HERE.

Flickr for Andriod

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If your a fan of the Flickr Photo Sharing and storage service then you’ll be pleased to know that they released a Android app today from which you can access your account similar to the way you can currently from the iOS version of the app, for more check out Flickr for Android.

MagicJack App for the iPhone

iPhone 4 showing the home screen.

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If your a fan of the service MagicJack then you will be very pleased to know they recently created an iPhone app for making calls for free in the US and canada, for more checkout MagicJack for iPhone.

Don’t Blame Alcohol for your Behavior

A wreath Kolsch Beer - LA Times of Kölsch.

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If you have in the best made a fool of yourself by the way you act when your drunk, and figured it was the Alcohol that caused you to be that way, well you might have to reconsider that notion, as studies are now showing that Alcohol will only change your ability to recognize the consequences of your actions, but don’t influence your actions themselves, for more check out this article HERE.

Do your Medical Research with Medify

Joe Hunt at UC Davis - Social Network Analysis...

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If your trying to read up on some type of new process or medical drug or anything that has to do with the medical field, then you might not know where to look and what information is reliable and here is where you can turn to Medify for your Medical Research needs.

Feedly know has Google+ and Tumblr Intergration

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If you use the service Feedly as your social news reader then you might be happy to learn that you can now toss in Google+ and Tumblr as service that are now support by the service, for more check out Feedly.

Use Mindbloom to play a Game and keep yourself Healthy

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If you like playing games online like mafia wars and other little games to pass the time then perhaps you should consider a game that will actually have some impact on your real life, and with that said you may want to check out the game Mindbloom that will keep you health while having some fun, check out the service MindBloom.

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