Use Less CPU when Looking at Web Videos on your Mac OS

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If you need to save your CPU power then you might consider watching your web videos outside your browser by dragging the URL to the app HUDtube which will result in using less resources than to play the video within your browser, check out the program HUDtube for Mac OS.

Build your Own Cell phone Charger in Radio Shack

Radio Shack Store One

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If your into doing things yourself, then you might be interested in building your own Cell phone charger after all everything you need to build one is probably in your local Radio Shack, for the details on how to do this check out this article HERE.

Need a Time Tracking App for Linux, Try Hamster

Tux, the Linux penguin

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Keep track of time is an important part of personal management and time management for that matter, and if you need to maintain a log of the time and what you need to do be doing during an specific time, then you might want to check out the program Hamster for Linux.

Google TV Update adds Android Market and Other Apps

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If you are using the Google TV service you will be pleased to note that on 10/30/11 the service was updated to include now the Android Market as well as some specific apps for the Google TV platform, for more on this update check out Google TV.

Facebook Video Player for Chrome

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If you look at a fair amount of videos posted from your Facebook Friends then you’ll probably benefit from the Google Chrome plugin that will place those YouTube or other videos on the side of the browser so you can view the video as well and continue to browse Facebook, for more check out Facebook Video player for Chrome.

Find your Social networking Friends with Banjo

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If you have friends on various social networks and love to know when there around you so perhaps you can link up or what not, then why not use the app Banjo that will give you a ping alert when a friend is around you automatically, for more check out the app Banjo.

Pandora Enhancer for Chrome

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If you are a User of both Pandora Radio and Google Chrome then you should consider using the Addon Pandora Enhancer which will do as the name suggest and enhance your Pandora experience by removing ads among other things, for more check out Pandora Enhancer for Chrome.

Google Reader Updates with a more Google Plus like Look

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Google has been pushing new versions of most of its core services recently, starting with Google Plus Integration with Google Apps, and now naturally the UI changes have ventured into Google Reader, for more check out Google Reader.

Use your Club Card Anonymously with Club Card Shuffle

Gift cards

If you are hip to the fact that a Club card is really a means to track your purchase activity at a retailer, then you might want to throw them off by using a service such as Club Card Shuffle, which is a service with 19 retailers and willing to add more by email request from users, for more check out the service Club Card Shuffle.

No Untethered iOS5 Jailbreak out Don’t Believe for Profit Scams

iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

If you are waiting with Ants in your pants for the Untethered jailbreak for iOS5 then you’ll probably have a short wait, but for those out there that have searched around for a possible paid solution should be for warned that no such solution exists, for more on iOS5 Jailbreak scams check out this article HERE.

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