Playback your Podcast at your Own pace with XSpeedplayer for Android

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting

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If you like to listen to a fair amount of Podcast but don’t like to have a lack of control over your playback of the podcast you download to your Android Device, then you should give the program XSpeedPlayer a chance to improve your Podcast experience, for more check out the program XSpeedPlayer.

Make your own Mayonnaise

mayonnaise sans huile

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If you like to make things because you believe they are just naturally better when made to your liking then you might want to add Mayonnaise to the list of things you make, for more details on how to make your own Mayonnaise check out this article HERE.

10-4-11 Instagram Update Re-adds Filters and GeoTagging

Instagram 365: #62

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If you are a user of the iOS program Instagram then you’ll be happy to know they updated the program to re-add filters that went missing in action during the last update and added Geo-tagging of your Photos among other changes, for more check out the program Instagram.

Get back the old Facebook News Feed with Chrome Addon

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If you hate the way Facebook looks now at days and wish you had the old News Feed that told you whats what on a as it happens bases then you might be interested in check out a Google Chrome extension that can do this for you, for more check out the addon HERE.

Tell Congress No To RoboCalls to Cell Phones

Missing Calls / Appels en absence

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If you aren’t aware there is currently a Bill in congress to allow RoboCalls to cell phones which is totally wrong, and you should respectively tell your local congressmen that this is a unfair and intrusive practice that needs to be curb before it behinds, check out this page that has a petition you can sign to let congress hear your voice on this issue, Sign the petition HERE.

Send a Tab from your Browser to another Device with SendTab

Current Safari Tab Bars

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If you have tons of tabs that you use on your desktop or any computer and want to send that tab to a friend or another one of your devices, then you should check out the program SendTab which will be able to do this for you on a variety of devices excluding Android devices for the moment, for more check out the program SendTab.

Control your Jailbroken iOS devices with Gestures from Lockscreen

iPhone vs. iPhone 3G

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If you have a Jailbroken iOS device and always longed to have control of your device from the lockscreen with gestures instead of using buttons, then you might want to check out this program for jailbroken iOS devices that will allow you to control your devices music playback with gestures, for more check out the program LSMusicGestures.

DIY Tablet Paint Brush

iPad con dock y teclado inalámbrico

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If you want to have a Paint Brush for your tablet but don’t want to shell out bunch of cash for something as simple as a brush, then you might want to check out this article that shows you how to make your own paint brush for your iPad or other tablet, HERE.

How to Escape Zip Tie Restrains


Image by Phillip Stearns via Flickr

If you happen to be bound by Zip tie and your in the need for a quick escape you should have read this article that talks about how to escape zip tie restrains from different positions, for more check out this article HERE.

Control the Brightness with your Jailbroken iPhone with F.Lux

iPhone charging in it's dock.

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If you have a Jailbroken iPhone then you might experience issues regarding the Auto-sense for adjusting your iPhone’s brightness, which can be annoying, so here comes the program called F.Lux that will take care of this issue for the price of nothing, for more check out F.Lux.

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