Safe VPN Solutions for File Sharing

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If you do a fair amount of downloading and want to protect yourself against people that might want to know what your doing, you might want to employ a VPN solution, but it might be hard to choose which service will keep you safe, and not log your activities online, well check out this article that has a listing of VPN solutions built for file Sharers HERE.

Conky is a System Monitor for Linux

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If you need a System Monitor for your Linux system then you might want to give the program Conky which is free a try, check out Conky.

Defeating your Character Flaws

The Flaws

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If your always in a rot because you wish you could correct some of your character flaws to become the person you want to be, well then you might want to check out this article that talks about how you can go about correcting character flaws, or at least overcoming them, for more check out this article HERE.

Facebook with now Translate Foreign languages

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If you have had a comment on you page in a different language you might be a little upset at the very least you don’t understand the comment, at the best you hate the fact Facebook hasn’t translated your comment into your native tongue, well fear not, check out the new translate feature Facebook has added to their network HERE.

Complete Your Goals with Day Zero

Zero 2010

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If you need a little motivation or a reminder at times that you have things you need to get done at a certain date or point, then what better way to keep on track then to employ the service Day Zero which will remind you that you have outstanding goals, and warns you as they get near, for more check out the service Day Zero.

Get a Temp Email with Mailnesia

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If you sign up to a lot of online services then you might not want to give your real email to all the services you sign up for, so it might be useful from time to time to have a temporary email address, and that’s where the service Mailnesia kicks in which offers free temporary email plus more, check out Mailnesia.

Staying on Budget with a Cash Envelope System

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If you find yourself having problems managing your money because it is all in your pocket at once, then you might want to try out the Cash Envelope system that will have you at least dividing up your cash so it’s not all in one place to spend at any given moment, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

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