Text Expansion in iOS5 can be a Life saver

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If you use the new iOS5 for your iPhone or iOS now you might be served best by using the Text expansion feature added to iOS starting with iOS5, for more on how this feature works and some basic setup features, check out this article HERE.

Reduce your Insurance with these Online Courses

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Image by jbcurio via Flickr

If your interested in lowering your Insurance rates then you might want to check out these Online classes you can take that will potentially lead to some discounts at the insurance company, for more check out this site HERE.

Get a Verizon phone for a Penny From Amazon till 10/17/11

Verizon logo

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If your in the market for a new Verizon phone and your not looking to break the bank to get it, then you may want to check out this deal by Amazon running until 10/17/11 where you can purchase a phone for a Penny, with a two year contract, for more details, check out this site HERE.

Curb your Mobile Data usage with Opera Mobile Browser

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If you are a fan of Opera or even if you haven’t used it before, then you might want to consider using the Opera Android web browser, for one it monitors your data usage, and it will compress web pages you request to lessen your mobile data burden, for more check out the Opera Web Browser for Android Devices.

Clean up your Desktop with Whitebox Icons

my desktop osx meets vista

If you have a Desktop that seems to be over ran by icons that you vaguely have a purpose or use for, or you do have use for all your icons but your desktop is a bit overwhelming, then you might want to give the program Whitebox Icons a Try.

Search your Computer from your iOS with X1 Mobile Search

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Image via Wikipedia

If you need to search for some files on your desktop computer while your out and about then you might want to check out this program called X1 Mobile Search.

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