FocusBar keeps you Focused on your Mac OS

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If you find yourself at times on your Mac doing things your just not suppose to be engaging in like playing a game instead of writing your report for class then you might want to check out the program FocusBar which will keep you in Focus with notifications on your Mac desktop, for more check out FocusBar for Mac OS.

Have Elevator Music play when your Download / Move Files


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If you always wondered where is the elevator music when your deleting or copying a file and waiting while the blue wheel spins away transferring your files successfully, you might want to check out this program that will play music every time you have to wait for some action to complete, check out the program Instant Elevator Music.

Wunderlist is a To-Do app for Windows

To-do List

If your fond of To-Do list type apps and you want to give one a try for Windows then you might want to check out Wunderlist.

Hidden iOS5 Features

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If your looking for new features in the iOS and still think something is missing then you might be right because all of the features of the new iOS5 isn’t present out the box with out some tweaking, to find out what those features are like custom ringtones and LED notifications, check out this article HERE.

Lookout Security Suite for iOS

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If you are familiar with the Android security program Lookout, then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a iOS version of the program that offers some of the featuers offered in the Android version as well as iOS specific security features, for more check out Lookout for iOS.

500px is a Slideshow Creator & Photo Viewer for your iPad

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

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If you have been looking for a better program than the stock program for your photo viewing and slideshow needs on your iPad then you probably should give the program 500px a try, because its free, and its a pretty good alternative to the default program, for more check out 500px.

Mange your Windows Media with Noow

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If you have a decent amount of Movies and Music then you might want to check out the Windows program Noow which can have everything in your system under one roof, plus add more to your music & movie collections, as well as podcast management, check out Noow for Windows.

Text by Voice offers Hands Free Texts on Android Devices

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If you like the idea of sending and hearing text messages without lifting a finger then you might want to check out the program Text by Voice that will text people you want by voice as well as read your text messages back to you, for more check out Text by Voice for Android.


Get an iOS look to Android with the Espier Launcher

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If you like your Android device but you would prefer the iOS look then you might want to check out the Espier Launcher which will give you the iOS UI that you desire, for more check out Espier Launcher for Android.

Fixing iPhone 4S Siri Errors

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iPhone 4 showing the home screen.

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If your having issues with iPhone 4S new feature Siri then you might want to check out this article that has some basic troubleshooting tips that might get Siri back working and on track, for more check out the article HERE.

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