How to Catch Baseball World Series ’11 Online

Pickoff attempt during one of the games. Frank...

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If your into your Baseball World Series games but don’t have a schedule that allows you to sit and watch the game live, then the next best thing is to catch the game online, and for that check out this link HERE.

Teach Yourself the Ruby Programming Language

Official Ruby logo

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If you are familiar with the programming language Ruby then you know that you can command a very good salary from working with this language, but if you don’t know it and trying to get yourself into the Ruby Programming Door, then you might want to check out this site that has a free tutorial to get your feet wet with the language, HERE.

Take Multiple Copy & Paste in Firefox with MultiCopy for Firefox

If you do a lot of copying of various lines within Firefox then you probably will benefit from a program that will allow you to do this and more, and here comes MultiCopy for Firefox.

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Play your Google Music with GMusic on your iOS device

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If your a fan of Google Music but your using an iOS device like an iPhone you can still use a Google Music style player to play your MP3’s using GMusic for iOS.

Get Security & Privacy Tips from Google’s “Good To Know” Site

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If your looking for some basics when it comes to Internet Security and Privacy, tips on how you can protect yourself or avoid being a victim, then you might want to check out a new site Google has put up called, Good To Know.

Dolphin Browser for Android upgrade to 7.0


If you are a fan of the Android Web Browser Dolphin then you’ll be pleased to know that version 7.0 is out, first will be pushed to GetJar users first and then will hit the Android market in the next few days, for more check out Dolphin Browser 7.0.

Find out your External IP Address by Searching Google

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If you didn’t know your External IP address and was curious as to what it was, you can now use Google Search of “IP” to get your external IP address, for more check out this article detailing this change, HERE.

Turn your iOS / Android device into a Universal Remote with Harmony Link

Logitech MX1100 B&W

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Logitech Harmony 1000 Remote (Off)

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Harmony In My Life
Image by ZORIN DENU via Flickr

If you have always wanted to turn your iOS device or Android device into a Universal Remote that can control the other gadgets in your house then you may want to check out the product Harmony Link which can do this for you.

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