Day-O is a Calander Replacement for Mac Menubar

The Aqua GUI in Mac OS X Leopard. Among the ch...

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Original 1984 Macintosh desktop
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If you don’t really care for the Calendar program that is part of your Mac’s MenuBar then you need to check out the program Day-O which is a great alternative, for more check out Day-O for Mac OS.

Mac Launcher Quicksilver Updates to Support Lion

Apple PowerMac G4 M8493 ("QuickSilver&quo...

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In the past Quicksilver for Mac a Launcher program, has had issues with Mac Lion OS, resolve this issues with this update for Quicksilver, for more check out Quicksilver for Mac.

Get Recipes on your Android Device with ChefTap

Cooking together

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If you like to look up recipes on the train or bus before you go home so you can make your grocery purchases on the way in, or just to have something new to eat every week, then you should check out the Android app ChefTap which can find recipes your looking for in a zip, also there are no ads in this program, its free, so make sure you check out ChefTap for Android.

Android robot logo.

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Using the Stockdale Paradox in Life

Perhaps you are not aware what the Stockdale Paradox is but you should because it may be able to get your life in focus or at the very least help you deal with situation where things don’t look that great, for more on what the Stockdale Paradox is and how it can possibly work for you check out this article HERE.

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Find a Restaurant with OpenTable

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If you need to find a Restaurant and your looking to try something new, then you might want to check out the program OpenTable for most Mobile platforms which will allow you to check out what’s going on in your area, reviews and more, check out OpenTable.

Test Your Websites Layout with ScreenFly

Plan-Do-Check-Act Deming circle, also known as...

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If you have recently created your own Website and you really haven’t been able to check to see how it renders are different platforms/devices then you might want to check out the service ScreenFly which can perform checks on your sites display as well as come up with a possible solution if your site needs display improvement, for more check out the service ScreenFly.

SleepTiming tells you When to go to Sleep for Optimal Rest

Forest pool

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If you have issues with Sleep and waking up refreshed to take on the world, then you might want to check out the service SleepTiming that will let you know when you should go to bed to get that optimal amount of sleep so that you wake up ready to take on the world, for more check out the service SleepTiming.

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