Starred for Mac makes a To-Do list From Gmail

static vs dynamic time management systems

If you use your Emails to create a To-Do list and your a native Mac user then you’ll benefit from the program Starred which will create a To-Do list for you based on your Gmail email‘s, for more check out the program Starred for Mac.

GrndCtrl Keeps track of your Saving, Tells you When your Done

If your saving for something and you need to get to a specific dollar amount but don’t want to check out money every night then you might want to employ the program GrndCtrl to keep track of your funds and lets you know when you have achieved your goal for more check out GrndCtrl.

Mutual funds in India

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Google+ Now open to Google App Users

Google Plus 1st Generation User

As Google has opened the doors to its newest Social Networking network Google+ you’ll find that they have further invited the public to join the network by making it easier for existing Google App users to join the Google+ network, for more check out this Google Blog Post HERE.

Get more out of your To-Do list with the 3+2 Rule

If you find To-Do list a great idea, its just that you don’t end up using them properly for whatever reason, perhaps you need to use the 3+2 rule to get yourself into shape and running through your To-Do list like a joke, for more check out this article on the 3+2 Rule HERE.


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Grockit prepares your for Standardized Exams


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If your are getting ready to take the GMAT or other standardized exams it probably would help if you were as prepared as possible to take the exam, so you might want to check out the service Grockit which can help you out to that end for more check out Grockit.

Astrid for iOS

The Android Emulator home screen.

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If your like the To-Do list program Astrid for Android then you’ll be happy to know that there is a version for the iOS users to mess around with, for more check out Astrid for iOS.

How to Kick in a Door

Door  / Porta

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There are certain situation that might require you to kick in a door and in that event do you really know how to, and if you don’t then you might want to check out this illustrated guide that will give you a good idea how to, check out this article HERE.

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