CanIStream.It will Find the movie stream for the Movie your looking For

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If you don’t always find the movies your looking for on your regular Movie Streaming Service then maybe its time to broaden your horizons and start to look at different movie streaming services when looking for that movie your dying to see, and to that end you might want to consult the service CanIStream.It which will find the movie streaming service that offers the movie your looking for, for more check out CanIStream.It.

Making Decent Slide Presentations

Blacklight Slide Show

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Making a Slide presentation isn’t all that hard but to make a slide presentation that will wow everyone is a very different situation which isn’t that easy to accomplishment, for a easy guide on how to make a decent slide show check out this article HERE.

Gmail’s new Look as of 11/01/11

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If you are into your Gmail client and its functionality then you’ll be pleased to note that Gmail has recently updated its UI which means to some a brand new way to access and label various items within your gmail experience among other things, for more on what has changed, check out this official Gmail Blog Post HERE.

Eatery helps you watch your Calories on your iOS Device

The iOS home screen.

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If you looking for a app that can help you eat a bit more healthier then you might want to check out the iOS app Eatery that will do just this, for more check out the iOS app Eatery out.

Manage all of your Cloud Storage Solutions from Joukuu Service

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If you use various Cloud storage solutions to store files and wish you could manage all of your cloud storage accounts from one place, you can now using the service Joukuu. Although the service is in its early stages, it will add more to its services in the coming months, make sure to look out for the service Joukuu.


Managing Your Email Inbox with a Wheelhouse Strategy

screenshot of an email inbox filled with spam

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If you have a hard time managing your Inbox and you feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of emails you get each day and wish you had a better way to manage you email inbox then you might want to check out this article on the Wheelhouse strategy for managing your email, HERE.

Create a Sound Profile for your Android Device with Volume Rocker

Android robot logo.

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If you like the idea of a sound profile similar to the one found on blackberries then  you might want to check out the program Volume Rocker for Android which will allow you to create Sound Profiles for different situations or just to suit your own personal sound needs, for more check out Volume Rocker for Android.

DIY Electronic Charging Station

One of the free goodies from 2010 Google IO Co...

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If you have tons of electronic devices at your home and your looking to having a charging stations that can handle all your devices from HTC Evo device to your iPhone, iPod touch, for the details on how to build such a station check out this article HERE.

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