Deluge is a Bittorrent Client for Linux

Screenshot of Deluge 1.0.0 (Sharks are Bulletp...

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Tux, as originally drawn by Larry Ewing
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If your rocking a Linux desktop and wondering about a Bittorrent client to use for your Torrent needs then you might consider giving the program Deluge a try for Linux, check out Deluge.

Get Better Control over your Finances with a Finance Network Map

International Financial Services Centre Dublin

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If you like a better understand of how your personal fiances work, what better way to see it than to visualize it with a Financial Network Map which will break down how your money is spent, for more on how to construct such a map, check out this article HERE.

Find the best Dish in a Restaurant with Oink

The iOS home screen.

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If you find yourself looking for which dish in a restaurant is the best then perhaps instead of trying to figure it out, use the iOS app Oink to find it based on past patron experience, for more check out the app Oink for iOS.

SoundShare lets you Share your Music with Others from iOS

iOS logo

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If you like to share the music your listening to with friends, then you might want to check out the program SoundShare for iOS which will allow you to do this for free, for more check out SoundShare.

Google Calendar Now offers Suggested Times for Scheduling Events

Google Calendar Fluid Icon

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Image representing Google Calendar as depicted...
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In the event that your planning a event that will include multiple people, Google Calendars now offers a feature where when your creating an event, Google will suggest some times that might work for others, for more on this feature, check out Google’s Official Blog Post HERE.

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