Remember That persons name With Namerick for iOS

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If your bad at remember names and the like then you’ll be pleased to know that there is an app for that now on your iOS device called Namerick, for more check out the iOS app Namerick.

Need an SMS Alternative for your iPhone, Try Google Voice

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If you find that the default method of SMS on your iPhone is less than idea, then perhaps your ready to try an alternative way to SMS from your iPhone, and one such alternative worth trying is Google Voice for iOS.

Learn to Web Design, Web Development and iOS development with Treehouse Service

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If your looking for a cheap way to learn how to do Web Design, web Development or Development on the iOS platform then you’ll need to check out the service Treehouse which offers these types of courses for dirt cheap rates, for more check out Treehouse.

Find Home improvement services with Red Beacon For iOS/WebOS

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If your looking for a plummer or a painter, and your always on the go then you might want to check out the service Red Beacon which will help you on your search for a home repair professional, for more check out the mobile app Red Beacon for iOS/WebOS.


Sometimes it’s better to make a Phone Call instead of Emailing

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When you need to explain something to someone that you have tried to before in an email, you might be best served by making a phone call and have a conversation to get your point across as opposed to sending another email, for more on why this works check out this article HERE.

Share your Playlist with your Friends on your Android Device with 8Tracks

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If you just have to share the music your listening to with friends on your Android device perhaps you’ll want to turn to the service 8Tracks which can do this for you with ease, for more check out the App 8Tracks for Android. is a Music Player and Music News for your iPad

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If you like to receive Music News and an alternative Music Player for your iPad device you might want to check out the program for your iPad.

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