Savvy Makes sure you get the best deals for your iOS device

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If your not into losing money behind a rotten deal, then you might want to install the iOS app Savvy which will let you know if you got a deal or if you got beat, for more check out the iOS app Savvy.

Sign Documents from your iOS device with DocuSign

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When your on the move all day and your iOS device is all that tethers you to the office sometimes you’ll probably need to put your John Hancock on some document, but because your not physically there this can be a issue, but not now because with the program DocuSign you’ll be signing documents from your iOS device for more check out the iOS program DocuSign.

General Overview of Online Deal Websites

Analysis of Daily Deals SitesIt might be hard to choose which online deal site to subscribe to, worse yet you probably feel if you don’t follow all of them that your going to miss out on some type of lifetime deal, well that may not really be true once you understand how these deals sites work, which ones specialize in what goods, so limit your attention to a few key sites, check out this site that breaks down Online Deal Websites with an Infograph HERE.

Newest Skype Program Adds Facebook Video Chat Support

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The popular VOIP service Skype has recently updated their software to add Facebook Video chat, so that you can easily chat with your Facebook Friends using Skype, which makes a lot of sense since Skype has done supporting Video chatting for awhile, for more check out the official blog post from Skype on the release HERE.

Double Check the Price you pay for Electronics with Web Service/iOS App Decide

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When making purchases of electronic goods, you might want to consult with someone or in this case with a web service that will tell you if your getting a deal or if you can get a better price else where, and although the service has been around, they have recently released an iOS app for the service, check out the iOS app Decide.

Add a Scrollable Table of Content to the Articles your Read in Google Chrome

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If you do a fair amount of reading of various articles in Google Chrome then you might want to check out this extension that will add a type of table of contents of the article on the side of your browser, for more check out the Google Chrome Extension Scrollbar of Contents.

Google Music Out Of Beta, Ready For Prime Time Action

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Google Music has been out for awhile but it was just in the early stages until now, Google Music is officially out of Beta, and has ironed out a few issues while improving on the interface, among other things, for more check the Official  Google Music Blog Post.

Close Locked Windows Files with OpenFilesView

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When you are trying to do something in Windows with a file or folder and you get the message that the file is in use, but your pretty sure your not using it, you have run into an old issue with Windows, which is from time to time a program will not release a file, making it appear that the file is in use when it is not, but you can now resolve this issue with the Windows program OpenFilesView.

Gmail For iOS Re-Released, Notification Bug Fixed

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People may not have known that a Gmail app for iOS was released for a few hours before it was then pulled, pending a fix for a Notification issue within the program, Yesterday was the Relaunching of the Gmail App which Google now feels is in perfectly working order, grab yourself a copy of Gmail for iOS.

NightStand Central is a Alarm Clock App for iOS

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Alarm Clock Apps come a dime a dozen it would seem, but a good Alarm Clock app may prove to be more elusive, but the search is over perhaps for you, check out the iOS app NightStand Central for your Alarm Clock needs on your iOS device, for more check out NightStand Central.

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