Close Locked Windows Files with OpenFilesView

The Windows family tree.

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When you are trying to do something in Windows with a file or folder and you get the message that the file is in use, but your pretty sure your not using it, you have run into an old issue with Windows, which is from time to time a program will not release a file, making it appear that the file is in use when it is not, but you can now resolve this issue with the Windows program OpenFilesView.

Gmail For iOS Re-Released, Notification Bug Fixed

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People may not have known that a Gmail app for iOS was released for a few hours before it was then pulled, pending a fix for a Notification issue within the program, Yesterday was the Relaunching of the Gmail App which Google now feels is in perfectly working order, grab yourself a copy of Gmail for iOS.

NightStand Central is a Alarm Clock App for iOS

Alarm clock

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Alarm Clock Apps come a dime a dozen it would seem, but a good Alarm Clock app may prove to be more elusive, but the search is over perhaps for you, check out the iOS app NightStand Central for your Alarm Clock needs on your iOS device, for more check out NightStand Central.

Find The Streaming TV Show or Movie your Looking for on Your Iphone

The iOS home screen.

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Perhaps your on your commute home and you want to find a Stream for a specific thing your into watching weather that be the 70’s Show or Gone With The Wind, either way it would be neat if you could find that stream on your iPhone and you can now with the help of the iOS app Fanhattan.

Backup your Social Network Data with ThinkUp

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Being on multiple social networks can leaved you spread thin, and finding a backup solution that all in one place is key, so that’s why you should give  ThinkUp a try which can pull down your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ data plus it can analyze the data, for more check out ThinkUp Developed by one of the great editors over at Lifehacker.


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