The Potential Harm of Facebook to the Open Internet

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Although Facebook has some obvious benefits, mainly keeping friends and even communities together with its website, it has done some damage to the web and the way it is used, for more on why this is check out this article HERE.

Spotify has Improved its iOS app to not Spam Facebook as Much

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If you use the iOS app for the service Spotify you may have tied the account into your Facebook page, and at times your page may become a bit spammy with all the updates the iOS app used to post, but things have changed in the most recent version of the iOS app, for more check out Spotify for iOS.

Google Chrome’s Ghost Incognito Learns your Private Browsing Habits for Better Experience

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Google Chrome Ghost Incognito mode is a privacy mode within Google Chrome that allows you to browse the web without leaving tracks, and how Google Chrome has enhanced the mode by improving its ability to remember the types of sites you view in this mode, for more check out this article HERE.

Add Custom Commands to Siri with SiriProxy

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When the stock commands of Siri can’t do what you need of the new iOS feature perhaps its time to mess around with Siri and one of the ways you can do this is by check out SiriProxy.

Get Pop Up Notifications in your Taskbar with Tweak to OS X

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you got Notifications from iTunes in your Taskbar, and with a little tweak at the command line of your OS X install you can for the details on how to do this check out this article HERE.

Share Videos on your iPhone with Vimessa

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Your always trying to find easy ways to share things with other people and this is where sharing your Videos from your iPhone got a lot more easy with the help of the program Vimessa.

Linux Command Line IM Client

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You probably never thought you could IM from the command line of Linux but yet again your wrong, check out the program CenterIM for your Linux Command line IM needs.

Check out the new YouTube Homepage

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YouTube has decide to update its page and you can get an early preview of how the site will look, by check out this link HERE.

Block Pop Ups in Chrome with Better Pop Up Blocker

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If you use Google Chrome pretty much then you might hate the pop up windows that come up from time to time, and now you can combat this with the Better Pop Up Blocker Extension.

Get Help Planning a party with SignUpGenius

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When you have to plan an event or party, sometimes things can become overwhelming but you can cut down on some of this with the service SignUpGenius, that will take some of the hassle associated with inviting people to an event, for more check out the service SignUpGenius.

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