iPad Speaker Fix

The brushed aluminum back of the iPad Wi-Fi

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Perhaps your iPad speakers don’t work the way you thought they should, or you have a friend that iPad just sounds better, perhaps you can do something about this, and you can with the program IPost-It.

Blip.Me allows you to Save Audio Clips to Send to others

iOS v. others

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When your on your Android or iOS device and want to keep a clip of something you’ll like to log orally, or perhaps you want to send someone an audio message as opposed to a text, then you might want to try out the program Blip.Me for iOS & Android.

Cutting Little Habits can Save Big Bucks, Find out How much with Latte Factor Calculator

A Starbucks barista.

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When you add up how much a cup of Latte cost from Starbucks, times that by everyday of the week on average you purchase the beverage, and you can find yourself spending up into the hundreds of dollars on something you thought really cost very little, but to actually find out the dollar amount can be a bit trick, and to that end you can use the Latte Factor Calculator to figure out how much that habit cost you and how much you can save if you cut it down a bit, for more check out the Latte Factor Calculator.

VirtualBox for Windows is a Free Useful Program


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When you want to mess around with another Operating System but you don’t have an extra computer to install it on, then a very popular option now at days is to have a virtual machine, and that type of software can be very expensive, but now with the VirtualBox option for Windows users which is for the amazing price of free, for more check out VirtualBox.

Get your Hulu & Netflix Videos in one place with Matcha.Tv

In 1998 Reed Hastings founded Netflix, the lar...

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Image representing hulu as depicted in CrunchBase
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Wouldn’t it be neat if you could manage the videos you want to watch from the Movie streaming services Hulu & Netflix from the same central location, now you can get that to some degree with the service Matcha.Tv

Use the Service Gigs for Goals to obtain new things on a Budget

Bye bye Blue Goals

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When you want a new something, you usually have the urge to spend all you money on that thing, unless you have a good handle over your money, you might want to employ a service such as Gigs for Goals to help you get the things you want without going broke, for more check out the service Gigs for Goals.

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