Bypass IP & DNS Blocks with The Pirate Bay Dancing Addon for Firefox

Some nations see it fit to censor the web you experience, usually by using IP & DNS blocks to try to have their populations shielded from content deemed illegal, but most of the time this is for some political or big business reason that has nothing to do with regular folks on the web, and you may want to experience the full web, and you can with the Firefox Addon The Pirate Bay Dancing.

Path is a Private Social Network for Android & iOS users

When it comes to Social Networks you have so many options, but what about a social network based on Mobile users, that is private, so that perhaps a circle of friends can share their social activities with one another and not the public at large, well this is where the Mobile app Path comes in offering a Social Network for  the people you want to link up with, for more check out Path for Android & iOS.

Get Things Done by following the Done Manifesto

When you have things to do, it often gets backlogged till you really have to get them done, or deadlines rule you life, but maybe you need to take a different approach to getting things done and perhaps you might want to check out the Done Manifesto, which has some good ideas on how to get things done regardless of the task, for more check out the Done Manifesto.

Spotify Updates its Desktop Apps, Has Better Third Party Integration

The popular Music service Spotify has update its desktop application as well, made it easier for developers of other sites and apps to incorporate the service into other areas, making the service better than ever, for more check out Spotify.

Charge your Ipod & Android, USB Mini Devices with Innergie Magic Cable Duo

When it comes to carrying around cables to charge your portable/mobile devices you might tangled up in the amount of cables you carry, you can simplify this by purchasing a Innergie Magic Cable Duo which has one cable with various different tips for each device, for more check out this site HERE.

Get a Preview of the Ratings of Related Videos in YouTube

When your looking at videos on YouTube to kill sometimes, it might be useful to know the ratings of related videos you might watch, but because you like the current video doesn’t really mean the Videos YouTube suggest are also of the same quality or rating, to find this out you might want to check out this Google Chrome Extension Related Videos!

DIY:Build a iPod/iPhone Projector for Cheap

When it comes to creating cool things, what better thing to build for yourself than to create a projector for your iPhone or iPod, it might sound like a very involved task, but you might be surprised how easy and cheap it can be put together, for more on the details, check out this article HERE.

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