xCon Stop Apps from Recoginzing your iOS device is Jailbroken

Some iOS apps can detect a Jailbroken iOS device and hence stop working or wont install period, which can be an issue, because Jailbreaking your device is not a crime, so why do certain developers care and worse yet put checks like this to limit your iOS experience, but you can unshackle yourself by installing the app xCon.

Want the Google Bar Early, Try this Tweak

If you have seen the new Google Bar and figure that is what you want to be seeing when you access the service, then you might want to check out this article that has the details on a tweak you can perform the get the Google Bar now, for more check out the article HERE.

Make Phone Calls from within Google+ Hangouts

Google+ hangouts has been one of the cooler features of the Google+ social network and the popular Hangouts has a new feature in that you can now place a call from within the Hangout to invite people VIA phone, which is pretty cool, for more one the new feature, check out this official Google+ Blog Post HERE.

PianoPub is a Free Pandora Client for Mac OS

If your a user of the Internet Radio service Pandora and your in the market for a desktop client to access the service on your Mac Desktop, then you might want to check out the free Pandora Client PianoPub.

Carrier IQ is on iOS

It was discovered that many Android devices come with a software or rootkit installed called Carrier IQ which is sending information back to your carrier about things you do, and where you do them, which is potential scary, but there are those that wondered if this was the case for the iOS and it turns out the software is there too, but it seems to be a lighter version than the android flavor, and it pretty straight forward to disable, for more check out this article HERE.

Find your Lost iOS Device with Prey

When your lost or have your iPhone stolen, it might be useful to have some type of app installed that can track your device down, and Prey is an excellent solution for your iOS device, this app has been around for Android and now there is an iOS version, for more check out Prey.

Use Facebook To Find Gift Ideas for Friends with Shopycat

When it comes to getting gifts for your loved ones and friends you want to make sure you get them something they want, but how do you do that without directly asking, or always listening and paying mind to what that person says, well know you can use their Facebook profile to figure out what they may like, and the app that will help you achieve this is Shopycat.

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