Zoom into Applications in Mission Control on Mac OS

When an app is sitting in the mission control area, wouldn’t it be cool if you could see everything spread out instead of the clustered view you currently get, well now you can, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

Keep Track of your Online/Offline Purchases with One Receipt

When it comes to keeping track of your purchases, it can sometimes be a really hard thing to do, since there are so many different ways you make purchases, but you can manage everything from one service now using One Receipt, you can now keep track of your online as well as offline purchases with the service, for more check out One Receipt.

Page Snooze hides Tabs for Later use in Google Chrome

Sometimes you have a tab or two that you want to look at but not on a daily bases, but maybe on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, and to that end you might want to check out the Google Chrome Extension Page Snooze, which will hide a tab for a predetermined period of time, for more check out Page Snooze for Google Chrome.

App Stat Lets you know which Apps you use Least for Jailbroken iOS

When you Jailbreak your iOS device, you sometimes might go crazy with the amount of apps you decide to install now that you have access to a community full of goodies, but you might also flood you device with Apps you dont use, and to that end you can use the program App Stat to help you decide which ones you don’t need, for more checkout App Stat for your Jailbroken iOS Device.

RentMix helps you pick a decent Hotel while Traveling

When it comes to finding a decent hotel, you might at times find yourself hard press between getting a nice place to stay and price, but now you can solve this issue by checking out the service RentMix, which will search various databases to find you the best possible deal, at a clean place, for more check out RentMix.

Pull to Refresh Feature for Safari/Chrome in Mac OS

One of the cooler features of iOS is to pull to refresh which makes it a bit easier to look at a refreshed feed as opposed to clicking a refresh button, it also gives back albeit a small part of your desktop back because you don’t need a refresh button, So you might want to check out this little tweak you can perform to add the feature to Safari/Chrome by checking out this article HERE.

Chromium OS Lime is the way to check out Chromium OS for the Masses

When it comes to running the new Chromium OS you might run into some issue regarding your hardware being supported by the OS, but because of the open source nature of the OS, there has been community development to support more hardware, and the fruits of this labor is found in Chromium OS Lime.

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