SoundTracking for Android Allows you to Share Music Selection with Friends

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Perhaps your friends know your deep into the music game, and your hip to what is up and coming so people want to see what your listening too, and one easy solution to allow others to know what your listening to on your Android device is to use the program SoundTracking, which also integrates with your Rdio and Spotify accounts, for more check out SoundTracking for Android.

Social Folder Grabs your Social Network Data to Your Desktop

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When it comes to social networks and the data you put on them, you might feel that although you posted a picture or item, you also like to have a copy stored on your local computer, and this is where Social Folder comes handy because it can grab all of your Facebook pics, or Google Docs and store them in a location on your local drive, for more check out Social Folders.

Facebook for Android Updates with Tweaks to UI, Speed Increase

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The Facebook App for Android has gone through a few major changes along the way, but this update is more about some minor changes to the Android app in the way that it notifies you, and the speed of the app has been increased, for more check out Facebook for Android.

iBook Now offers Night Mode Feature in Update

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If you use the iBook program to read PDF or eBooks then you’ll be happy to know that the app has been updated to include a Night Mode feature which is setup to deal with reading in dim lite places, which might be neat for bed time reading, for more check out iBooks for iOS.

Google TV 2.0 Comes to Logitech Revue

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If you purchased a Logitech Revue in the recent past or your planning on purchasing the device soon, then you’ll be happy to know that Logitech has officially stated that they intend on rolling out Google TV 2.0 to existing devices and that newly activated devices will get the upgrade automatically on setup, for more check out this official post HERE.

Sparrow Mail Client for Mac OS Offers Dropbox Attachment Feature

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Finding Apps that are good and free for the Mac OS can be a very hard thing to do, but in this case you have just hit a pot of gold in Sparrow, a Mail client for Mac OS that has a unique feature in that it integrates with your Dropbox account for those large attachments, for more check out Sparrow for Mac OS.

Introducing Evernote Hello & Evernote Food iOS Apps

EvernoteThe Evernote app is a useful cloud note taking app, that can be used to keep notes on the go, but now Evernote has released two new iOS apps, one is called Evernote Hello which will keep a list of the people you met, and Evernote Food is designed to keep track of what you eat everyday, for more check out Evernote Hello & Evernote Food for iOS.

Print Friendly for Google Chrome makes Printing Web Pages Easy

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When you go to print a page in Google Chrome you may not want to have the ads and other extra bits of the page but rather the article or the body of the page your trying to print, not all the little things all over, and you probably like the formatting to be more or less fluid, and that is where you might want to check out Print Friendly for Google Chrome.

Flipboards updates iOS app with New Feature

If your a users of the News reader program Flipboards for iOS then you’ll probably want to grab the newest copy of the program that sports a new cover story feature tab, for more check out FlipBoards for iOS.

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