Facebook’s Hidden Inbox

Facebook Notifications Management (Mark as Spam!)

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You would have figured the one inbox you have for messages had everything in regards to inbox messages all in this one place, but you would be wrong because you have a second inbox within your Facebook account that isn’t directly accessible, for more on this inbox and how to access it check out this article HERE.

Change your Scrolling Speed Preference with Option Key

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The Mac OS has a few hidden features that might come in useful and one of those little tricks is to use your Option key to change the speed of your scrolling, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

TextEdit is a Mac OS Text Editor for Free

Screenshot of LyX 1.5

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When it comes to find Word processors you might want to think you have to run out and buy some package because all the best word processors are paid products  but in this case you would be wrong, if you have a Mac OS and need a word processor check out the Free program TextEdit.

Android market Filters App Reviews

Android Market

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Sometimes you check out the Android App Market reviews for an App and you end up seeing tons of feedback but sometimes its not really relevant to your device, and so here comes Android Market filters that will help get comments and feedback that is useful to you, for more on this change check out this post HERE.

Jailbreak your Kindle Touch with an MP3 File


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The jailbreaking process could not be easier on your Kindle Touch with just a simple MP3 file SSH hack which is pretty straight forward, having even noobs trying it out, for more on how it works check out this article regarding Jailbreaking your Kindle Touch HERE.

Bittorent Downloads are Being Tracked by You Have Downloaded

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Bittorents usually are thought of a means of downloading without being directly tracked but that has changed with the service You Have Downloaded which has started to keep track of public tracker downloads, and can look up what you have been downloading, for more check out You Have Downloaded.

Look at your iPhone 4S Camera VIA Airplay & Apple TV

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Perhaps your a secret agent in your own right and you would like the ability to look at your Apple iPhone 4S Camera while on your Apple TV using Airplay, well you can do this with some easy steps, for more details on the process check out this article HERE.

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