Speed Notes For iOS

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When it comes to a note taking app that allows you to sync your notes to Dropbox you might want to strongly consider Speed Notes for iOS your app of choice, its a basic app, but does the job, for more check out Speed Notes.

Skype Updates Android App to Include New Photo & Video Sharing Feature


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Skype has just updated its Android app to allow for Photo and Video messages over Wifi or 3G connections, for more on this update check out the app on the Android Market, Skype.

Unstuck for your iPad Expands your Horizons when they are Blocked

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If you ever get stuck on some ideas, or something your working on has you at a blank then you might want to grab your iPad and fire up the app Unstuck.

Android Answer to Siri is called Majel

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Coming in early 2012, and even possibly late 2011 Android is set to release a major update to Voice Actions called Majel, which will introduce new natural speaking commands to the list of things Voice Action or Majel can do, for more check out this article HERE.

YouSendIt Releases Updated Desktop & Mobile Apps


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YouSendIt has recently updated its Desktop and Mobile apps to include better security among other things, for more on what’s what with the new update to the service, check out this link HERE.

Spendful Helps you Budget

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We all need a way to manage our money and the web app Spendful can do this for you, helping you manage your money VIA its Web App, for more check out the service Spendful.

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