Get Notifications for your Second Inbox Messages in Facebook

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Recently people have started to hear about the second Hidden Facebook Inbox and how certain messages hit that inbox opposed to the Inbox most of us think about when your on Facebook, Well now you can check out this article that has some details on how you can get notifications for your second inbox messages, for more check out this article HERE.

Gmail App for iOS Updated with Scribbles Feature

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Google has released an update for the Gmail iOS app that will allow you to include scribbles in your emails among other minor changes to the Gmail App, for more check out Gmail for iOS.

The Way People Tend To Deal with Email

email logoEmail has been around a solid 15 years now, and it has become part of our day to day life in terms of another medium that we are connected to others with, but you probably don’t understand the science behind how you deal with them, for more on how the average person deals with email, check out this article regarding the Science of Email.

Clean up your Inbox with UnRoll.Me Service

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Sometimes you go into your inbox and your swarmed by crap you don’t even need to be getting, and you wish you could just unsubscribe from a bulk of the spam mail you receive, well to this end, you might want to check out the service UnRoll.Me which is in Beta right now but can help you unsubscribe to mailing list you no longer have an interest in, for more check out the link HERE.

Spotify Premium Service Offering 30-Day Free Trial

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Perhaps you have been wanting to try one of the online music streaming services out to see if it worth the extra few dollars, well you can get a free trial run with Spotify Premium for the amazing price of free for 30 days, for more check out Spotify Premium Service.

SkyDrive App for iPhone and Windows Phone Released

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If you use the cloud storage service SkyDrive then you’ll probably be happy to know that you now have a SkyDrive iPhone and Windows Phoneapp that you can use to upload and access your SkyDrive on the Go, would be nice to see an Android App at some point as well, for more check out the official post regarding these apps release HERE.

EDIT: This is a Windows Phone Dev App, So I’m Not totally sure as to how much functionality you’ll get out the app on the Windows Phone Platform but It’s worth a try!


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