Better Explorer is a Windows 8 Type of Explorer for Windows 7

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Some people can’t wait until they get there hands on the new version of Windows set to release, being Windows 8, but you can get a little taste of the OS with the program Better Explorer for Windows 7 that gives you the Windows 8 Explorer experience in Windows 7, for more check out Better Explorer for Windows 7.

Banshee is a Music Player for Linux

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When it comes to finding software for your Linux install you might be a little hard press at times finding quality software, but you don’t need to look for a Music Player for your Linux install anymore, because here comes the Free Music Player for Linux called Banshee.

31 Finanical Step Checklist to Keep you On Track

You might feel like many that your Finances are never straight and that your always stuck in some type of rot fiancial, but you can solve these issues with a little effort, and one of the tools that might help you out on this mission is this 31 Financial checklist you can use to get yourself back on track for more check out the checklist HERE.

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Sheepish for Google Chrome Stops Websites from Tracking You

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You probably heard that Websites track your every move and click, and you have always dreamed of a way to stop websites you go to from tracking your movements, and now you can by using the Google Chrome extension Sheepish.

Fix Ubuntu’s Unity Interface with MyUnity

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Ubuntu‘s Unity Interface included in the newest Distro of Ubuntu has gotten a few bad reviews due to the Unity Interface, and in specific some issues with the interface, but you can correct some of those flaws with the program MyUnity for Ubuntu.

Turn Your iPad into YouTube TV, with NowBox

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If you use YouTube enough on your iPad, then you might want to consider using the program NowBox on your iPad so that you can view your YouTube videos in a better light, vastly improving the interface for the popular video streaming service, for more check out NowBox for iPad.

Android Facebook App now Updates with Timelines Features

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If you haven’t yet seen the new Timeline feature being rolled out by Facebook, then when you do, you might want to update your Android Facebook App, because once you enable the Timeline feature, your Mobile Facebook look should change as well, for more on this check out this Official post HERE.

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