Tweak Windows Explorer Sidebar to Expand

Windows Explorer's revised user interface.

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By default when your browsing in Windows Explorer the sidebar with the folder structure of the folder your currently looking at may be in a collapsed state, which makes looking around the area a bit hard, unless you manually collapse the folders, but with a tweak you can have windows expand the sidebar for you, check out this article with the details HERE.

Get Customized Vibrations for your Android device with ViBe

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If you want to get a heads up on who’s calling you just by the vibration your phone makes when the phone call comes in or to know your getting a text from a contact you like to reply to ASAP you might want to try out the Android program ViBe.

How to get Save As Function in Mac OS Lion

English: Male lion

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One thing that some users have been mystified by is the fact that you no longer have a Save As option with your Lion OS, but you have to use the export feature to emulate what Save As would have done for you in the past, for more on how this works check out this article HERE.

Hopper is a Simple Webapp for Sharing Files

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If you need to quickly share a file or two for a day or for some type of temporary situation, you might want to check out the service Hopper which will allow you to store a file or something for temporary access, this is for people that don’t need permanent file storage, for more check out the Webapp Hopper.

Send Notes or Links from Google Chrome to your Phone with Text This to Me

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If you use Google Chrome and you find yourself wanting to send things like notes or links to your mobile device from Chrome then you might want to try out the extension Text This To Me which will do just what it says, it will text you the information you need, for more check out Text This To Me.

MyApartmentMap Lets you know whats for Rent in Your Location

Our Hotel on Gialos Beach, Ios

Image by ARKNTINA via Flickr

It would be nice if you could walk down the street in a area and say to yourself, wouldn’t it be nice if i could rent a place in this area, let me jump on my mobile device and fire up the app MyApartmentMap to see which apartments are for rent in the general area, the app is available for Android and iOS for more check out MyApartmentMap.

Give Windows 7 the Metro UI

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of ...

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If you are in love with the Metro UI that is part of Windows 8, and can’t wait till the official release of the OS to start having a User Interface Metro style then you might want to check out this program for Windows called Metro7.

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