Create Folders In Windows with Smart Folders

The new Windows 8 Start Screen, making use of ...

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When it comes to creating a new Folder in Windows you can sometimes expect a few seconds delay for the window for new items to populate, then you select new folder, and the process all in all feels longer than it need be, and you might be right, for a shorter experience when it comes to folder creation in Windows, check out the program Smart Folders.

OurSpot offers a Private Social Networking Experience

A segment of a social network

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If you wish you could have your own Social network for your loved ones or a select group of friends, well you can do just that with the Social networking service OurSpot that allows you to create a Social network for a small group of friends, or even for just 2 people, lets say a couple or team, for more check out the service OurSpot.

Windows SkyDrive Live App for iOS

Windows Live SkyDrive Logo

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If your using the Windows SkyDrive Live service which is offering 25GB of cloud storage, then you might want to install the new SkyDrive Live iOS app to access your SkyDrive files from your iOS device, for more check out Windows SkyDrive App for iOS.

Find the Electronics your Looking for by the Specs you Want with Sortable

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When it comes to electronic devices, we find more and more we are looking for specific specs on the devices we purchases, perhaps its a computer your on the market for, but one of your things is to make sure it has 4GB of DDR2 RAM perhaps, you can use the service Sortable to find electronic devices that meet the specs your looking for, for more check out the service Sortable.

Keep Up with Changes to your Credit Report with Credit Karma

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One of the more important things we can check from time to time is our credit report to make sure everything is on the same page as you feel it should be, or you can at least understand where you stand, but with Credit Karma you can find out when a significant change occurs to your credit report, for more check out Credit Karma.

Clean out your Mac OS X Lion Launchpad

The Launchpad (formerly Springboard) on Mac OS...

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English: The icon of Mac OS X Lion
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Perhaps you have your Mac OS X Lion installs Launchpad filled up with crap that you don’t actually use and you wish you could start over, well perhaps you can, check out this article that has a way for your to clear out your Launchpad HERE.

Nexus Image Viewer is a Alternative to the Default Windows Image Viewer

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The default Windows Image viewer is okay, but the program is very basic and doesn’t really do well when you look at other products that have similar functions, and one of those products that you might want to try or even use to replace the windows image viewer is Nexus Image Viewer.

CloudOn Gives your Microsoft Office on your iPad

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When it comes to using a word processing suite on your iPad you have a few options, but one of the cooler new options is to use the app CloudOn to access a full version of Microsoft office that is ran off of the CloudOn server, so this solution requires an Internet connections on your iPad but if you do have this in place you can do a lot of small editing of documents on your iPad Via MS Office, for more check out the app CloudOn for your iPad.

Check the Permissions your Social Networking Apps have with MyPermissions

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When it comes to your social networks like Twitter and Facebook you probably have added tons of apps or given other services access to your social networking accounts without really seeing whats going on with these apps, well now you can get a look at all of these apps in one place with the service MyPermissions.

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