Learn How to Factory Reset your Device at Factory-Reset.com

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There are times that you mess with an electronic device so much that you wish you could get it back to stock, or factory reset, giving it the out of the box setup, and you may not really know how to do this on your device, but now you can check out the site FactoryReset to figure out the process, for more check out FactoryReset.

Create User Accounts on your iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone

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If you want to share your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone you usually have to worry about the person your letting use your device running into private data, but perhaps if you had various users on your device you could just create a user for a guest or another person without worrying about them messing with your stuff, and now this is possible for jailbroken devices VIA Cydia app iUser, for more check out iUser for Jailbroken iPad, iPod Touch & Iphones.

Check Multiple Email Accounts with one Google Chrome Extension

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It can get a bit resource and time consuming to have 5 different tabs open to view your various Gmail accounts, but perhaps there is a way to get them all rolled up into one tab, and you can using the Google Chrome Extension Google Mail Multi-Account Checker.

iDoneThis pairs you with Others that Done That Too

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A New years resolutions is a pretty major thing to accomplish and perhaps you want to let others know that you have done that thing, or perhaps you like to be linked up with others that have done that too, well in any case you might want to check out the service iDoneThis.

iSnap gives your Windows Aero Feature to Mac OS

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If you find the Windows Aero feature something you should have on your Mac OS desktop machine, then you might be interested in the program iSnap that can add this feature among a few other Windows features you might want to have on your Mac, for more check out iSnap that is currently Free, although this might change in the future, so grab iSnap now.

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