Select & Copy Text with Mac Quick Look Feature

Quick Look RocksIt is pretty useful to have a feature like Quick Look for Mac’s where you can quickly look at a document, but perhaps you might want to copy or select some text from the document, you currently can’t do this using the Quick Look feature, but perhaps you might want to check out this hack that will give you the ability to select and copy text from Quick Look, for more on the details check out this article HERE.

Defeat your Habits with the service 21Habits

Under Defeat boasts excellent use of particle ...

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If you have a habit you need to kick, and you want some help in order to keep on track with your goals, then you might want to check out the service 21Habits that has a very interesting system designed to get you to benefit from kicking your habit, or paying a price, for more on how the service works, check out 21Habits.

Create an Inventory of your Stuff with iKeepm

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When it comes to keeping an accurate inventory of what you have, you can sometimes be lost as to how you should go about documenting your items, but you can make the process a bit easier by using the service iKeepm.

Find Out What Movies are on your Hard Drive with Movie Explorer

Windows Explorer in Windows Vista

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When you want to get the 411 on the movies on your Windows Hard drive you might want to check out the program Movie Explorer that will give you back more details than you can imagine about those movies laying around on your Hard Drive, for more check out Movie Explorer for Windows.

Zapaday is a Global Event Calendar

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If you ever wanted to keep up with certain event happening on a global scale, lets say religious holidays from a culture in another part of the world, or just information on important dates around the globe, you might want to check out the now beta calendar service Zapaday.

iOS App Matchbook Keeps a Log of Places you Want to Go


Image by Laughing Squid via Flickr

When it comes to going out to different physical locations, you might not remember every single place you want to go to, but you can use the iOS app Matchbook to keep a list of these places for you, so that later on you can hit up those locations, for more check out MatchBook for iOS.

Let Law Makers know your Against SOPA Bill

US Govt Property No Trespassing

Image by Lynn Friedman via Flickr

Recently there has been talk of a bill to block access to sites that are deemed in violation of whatever the US Govt decides is a violation of various laws, but such a bill is totally unfair, and you need to let your local lawmakers know that your totally against the US Govt telling us where we can and can’t go Online, check out this list of known politicians that support the SOPA bill and let them know your against it, check out SOPA Track for the list.

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