Vimeo is now Available for Android & Windows Phone

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If you have been upset that the online video service Vimeo has not created an official app for the Android and Windows Phone platforms, you will be happy to know that the service now has an app for both platforms allowing you to browse and watch videos and well as upload videos to the service, for more check out Vimeo.

Remove Older Versions of Google Chrome left from Updates

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If you have used Google Chrome for awhile on your system there is a chance that there are older versions of Google Chrome still on your system, and although some people have had no problems with wasted Hard Drive space some users have found older versions of Google Chrome taking up Hard Drive space, so you might want to run the Windows Utility OldChromeRemover to Free up your Hard Drive, If you do use multiply copies of Google Chrome you should not use this, for more check out OldChromeRemover for Windows.

Turn your Dropbox Files into a Blog with

Web Hosting ServersPerhaps you want to start a blog but don’t have the space on a web server, or can’t deal with the free web host services out there, so you now are at a dead end, but now you can rest easier because using your dropbox account and the service you can now host your own blog, for more on how this works check out the service

TrapIt find News Your Interested in

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If you wish you had a way to collect the news you want to read about then you might want to check out the service TrapIt which will do just that, by giving it some information like the topics that interest you, TrapIt will then go out and save those news bits for you that you have told it to, for more check out TrapIt.

Find Your Optimal Nap time with the Nap Wheel

so many naps, that visit!

You probably don’t know that it is a good idea to take a nap in the day, but the question is when should you take that nap, and that depends on your sleeping habits, but instead of trying to figure out the science of napping on your own, perhaps you can check out the service Nap Wheel that will help you figure all this stuff out for you, for more check out The Nap Wheel.

Google Search tied into Google Plus More Tightly

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In a move that can’t be that shocking Google Search results now will reflect results based on your Google Plus habits, which for the most part won’t mean much, but the results will be altered a bit, perhaps that just means a Plus button next to search results or certain pages being moved ahead of others based on your Plus usage, for more check out this official Google Blog Post HERE.

SpotOn Radio gives you Spotify on your iOS Device

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Although there is a Spotify app out there you can use for your iOS device currently, they don’t really reflect all of the features you have access to with the spotify service, and if you rather have a richer experience with the service Spotify you might want to check out the app SpotOn Radio for iOS.

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