Dragon Go! for Android

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Although Google has Voice Recongition software that comes with the Android OS, you probably won’t find it all that useful unless you learn how to speak to it, but the Dragon Go! software is a bit more advanced in the sense that it does a better job of understanding what you want to say, and does predictions based on what your saying, to see the program in action grab a copy of Dragon Go! for Android.

Automate your Job Search with Ifttt

When it comes to looking for a job, you might find yourself spending an unusual amount of time looking for a job, and you probably have thought there has got to be an easier way to keep an eye open for new job openings and there is, check out this article that uses the service Ifttt to track new job openings, for more check out this article HERE.

Employment Exhibition

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Windows 7 App Launcher Can Simplify How you Launch Programs

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When it comes to starting up your computer and getting ready to work, or play whatever your fancy is, you usually have a set of programs you use to get that goal accomplished, and it probably be nice if you could open all of them with a single keystroke, and although you can do this with other methods, using Windows 7 App Launcher makes things a whole lot simpler, for more check out Windows 7 App Launcher.

Readability has Drop Premium Service, All Features of Service Free

Readability on iPad

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If you use the service Readability to keep track of and read articles on the web, then you’ll be very pleased to note that today the service has rid itself of the premium version of the service, and now all features are available to all users, for more on this check out the service Readability.

Create A Filter In Outlook for Emails your Waiting For a Reply From

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Waiting for a reply from an email can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if you get a lot of emails, and you need to keep track of the replies you are to receive based on tasks or inquires you need to take care of, and to that end, you can create a Filter in Outlook to keep all those emails in one place, for more on how to do this check out this article HERE.

Get Your Scroll Bar back in Mac OS X Lion with LionScrollBars

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A new feature of the Mac OS X Lion is that the scroll bar hides itself in programs when your not using the, which is a pretty neat feature, but at times this can actually be a problem depending on what your doing, and if you want to selectively have your scroll bar in some programs then you might want to check out the program LionScrollBars for Mac OS X Lion.

Shazam Music Player For iOS Devices


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If your looking for a way to get lyrics streamed to your device for the songs you have on your iOS device, and your looking to share the songs your listening to with your friends on social networks, then you’ll want to check out the program Shazam for iOS.

Pinterest Houses your Ideas, Allows you to Find New Ones

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The service Pinterest is a place where you can store your ideas, or even look at the ideas others have come up with perhaps in an attempt to get your own ideas going, for more on how this service works and how you can take advantage of it check out Pinterest.

OnLive to Hit GoogleTV Soon

Got mah Google TV box

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The Gaming service OnLive will now be part of GoogleTV, allowing you to stream your console games VIA GoogleTV, for more on how this will shake up your GoogleTV experience check out this article regarding the additions of OnLive to the GoogleTV service HERE.

BloodDrop Makes Accessing Your DropBox Files on your Mac Easy

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If you use Dropbox for your file storage needs, and your Mac is your desktop at home, then you might find the program BloodDrop useful, what it does is give you the URL of your Dropbox files, making it easier to access later on or to give access to another person, for more check out BloopDrop for Mac OS.

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