Use iKeyboardRemote to control your iOS devices Playback

The keyboard, overall.

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If you use your iOS device to play music in your house at a dock or attached to your home entertainment system, then it might be useful to be able to control your devices playback options from your keyboard instead of having to get up and actually touching the device, and to accomplish this goal you might want to use the program iKeyboardRemote.

Sending Things to your Amazon Kindle is Way Easier with Send to Kindle For Windows

Amazon Kindle

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If you thought sending files to your Amazon Kindle device was a bit hard or difficult in anyway, the process for Windows users couldn’t be easier with a utility that will allow you to either send files by right clicking on them, or you can even send files to a virtual printer that creates a PDF file to be send to your Kindle, for more check out this Amazon post HERE.

Stopping Gmail From Considering your Emails Spam or Phisher

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When you get flagged as a spammer or for phisher, your email’s probably will be returned to you, because other mail servers will reject the mail, or send it straight to the spam box of a recipients account, where they will never know that it ever came, but you can undo this nightmare if you’ve been mistakenly flagged, check out this article that talks about the steps you can take to come out the Gmail spam box, HERE.

SuperTracker slaps What your eating and your Exercise into one Place

super tracker

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It probably makes sense to plan out what your going to be eating, and then to plan on some sort of exercise to keep yourself in shape based on the diet you have, but now you can manage both with the service SuperTracker.

Improved Gmail Support In Google Chrome

google chrome

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Although you probably figured this was the norm anyway, Google Chrome‘s Gmail experience has been tweaked today to allow you a 31 day view of your emails, Offline which can be useful for catching up on Emails when your not on the net, but still want to tidy up your inbox, or just catch up with whats happening there over the last month, for more check out the official Google Blog Post regarding the matter HERE.

Numi is a Calculator that Understands English for Mac OS

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Finding free programs that are useful for your Mac OS might be a big issue to you, and you might have found a gem in the program Numi which is a calculator program but it can understand english, which can be useful, for more check out Numi for the Mac OS.

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