Keep a List of your Recent Search items with FindList Addon for Firefox


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If you do a fair amount of searches, then having to type in the same topic or words over and over can get lame, besides isn’t a computer suppose to cut out redundancy, and to that end you might want to check out the Firefox Addon FindList which will keep a drop down box list of your recent search terms so that you don’t have to type them over and over for more check out FindList for Firefox.

Find A Place to Take Your Next Date with How About We

Reinventing the wheelIf your about to take someone on a Date, but your lost as to where to go in your local area, instead of reinventing the wheel, perhaps you can lean on the wisdom of others in your area to see where they have taken Dates in the local area, and to find such opinions you might want to user the service How About We.

StreamToMe Offers Mac to Mac Video Streaming for Free

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If your looking for a way to Stream your movies from one Mac machine to the next or if your looking for an app that can do video conversions then you might want to take a look at the free program for Mac OS called StreamToMe.

Migrate from Spotify to GrooveShark with ToGrooveShark

The main Grooveshark Logo

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If you find that the free service Spotify offers as limiting and your looking for another free solution for you music streaming needs, then you might want to consider GrooveShark, and to make the migration easier, you might consider using the service ToGrooveShark to get you from one service to the next with ease, for more check out ToGrooveShark.

Zappos Hacked, What You Need To Know

Zappos Tour

Image by Robert Scoble via Flickr

If you use the online retailer Zappos to shop, they have been recently hacked, and you might want to check out there homepages post on the incident and steps you might have to take to make sure your not exposed to further breaches based on the information that was taken from the Zappos servers, for more check out the official post from Zappos HERE.

Emulate a DOS Gaming Environment in Mac OS with Boxer

English: This is a logo for Mac OS. It is a hi...

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If you can’t live without playing your copy of Doom for DOS, but you are a Mac OS user, you might find yourself limited by what you can do, but you can break those limitations and play those old DOS games now using Boxer, which is a DOS emulator for your Mac OS, for more check out Boxer.

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