Cut Back On Email Notifications with Notification Control Service

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When you sign up for various services you probably leave all the default settings, and with certain sites you end up getting emails about things going on, or changes etc, but this can become a bit much if your signed up to multiple services and you get drowned in notifications from each one, but now you can retake control of your inbox with the service Notification Control.

Holding Your Touch Screen Device Correctly

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Using a Touch Screen device is very different from using devices with Hard buttons and other mechanizes to control the device, and perhaps you never realized that you may be holding your touch screen tablet or phone incorrectly, causing you to perhaps damage your device or other potential issues, check out this article that talks about how to hold and use your touch screen devices HERE.

Say No to PIPA & SOPA Bills

SOPA Resistance Day!

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Today parts of the Internet went black to protect the proposed PIPA and SOPA bills that were making its way around the US legal circus, and although the bills look like they are losing support, you still need to call up your local Congressmen or Woman and let them know that you don’t support these bills, or let them know your happy they also don’t support the bill, for more check out this site American Censorship for more details on this issue.

Overclock your Windows Video Card with MSI Afterburn

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When it comes to overclocking your Windows Video Card for better gaming, you may find a few different options out there, but when it comes to overclocking devices you should be careful, and you want to use a program that won’t cause your machine to go up in a cloud of smoke and fire, so the program MSI Afterburn is probably a good tool for the job, for more check out MSI Afterburn for Windows.

Keep Track of The Status of your Job Applications with StartWire


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If you are applying to a few different jobs at once, and you want to stay on top of each application, you might become a bit over worked with all the checking you have to do, but you can centralize the process by using the service StartWire to keep tabs on the status of your job applications, provided that the company your applying with has an agreement with Startwire, which over 5,400 companies currently do, for more check out the service StartWire.

If you Find Mac OS Spotlight Search Lacking Features you Need, Try iFileX

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One of the features of the Mac OS that is pretty good right off the bat is the Spotlight Search feature which will allow you to search for files on your Mac, but if you need more options with the search you would like to run perhaps you might be better off using the program iFileX for Mac OS.

Forismatic Reminds you to Take a Break From your Mac Desktop


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If your looking for a program to remind you to take breaks, or just to remind you that time is passing by while you work behind your Mac OS Desktop, then you might want to check out the program Forismatic which is free and will give you a friendly reminder from your menu bar letting you know that perhaps its time for a little break, for more check out Forismatic.

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