Enjoy a better Experience with ADB with QtADB

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Using the Android ADB or debugging tool can be a bit overwhelming for a newcomer to messing around with your Android device VIA the Shell, but you can gain some control over your device in ways that wouldn’t be possible without using ADB so if your tinkering with android access ADB is important, and one way to make the process a lot more friendlier is to use the program QtADB to access your Android device using the Debugging tool, for more check out QtADB for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Wikipedia Official App for Android

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In the past if you wanted to access Wikipedia on your Android device, you would either have to check out the mobile version of the site, or use apps made by third party developers which were okay at best, but now Android users are getting the app directly from Wikipedia and it has some features that make it very useful, for more check out Wikipedia for Android.

WatchMe Gives you a Multiple Alarm Desktop Timer

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If you need a program to keep a timer for various events or just for one, you might want to check out the desktop program WatchMe for Windows.

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