Elpis is a Pandora Client for Windows

Ship Elpis

Ship Elpis (Photo credit: HAMACHI!)

If your looking for a potential client to access your Padora Radio account on your Windows Desktop then you might want to consider the lightweight program Elpis which will give you all the control and access to Padora you ever needed on your Windows machine, for more check out Elpis for Windows.

Snow Leopard Release an Update to fix Rosetta Issues

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Image via Wikipedia

Most of last week people where buzzing about the recent update for Snow Leopard that caused an issue with Rosetta has been resolved in a new update released by the folks over at Apple, for more on this update and or to resolve the issues with Rosetta check out this article HERE.

Hidden Keys on your iPad’s Split Keyboard Revealed

English: iPad with on display keyboard

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If you have used the split keyboard on your iPad then you might have noticed something strange by accident, or perhaps not noticed at all that there are some hidden keys on the split keyboard you can’t see, and for more on how access the keys work and what the keys are, check out this article HERE.

Skype for Windows Updates with Push to talk, Facebook Video Chat

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

If your a fan of the popular service Skype you’ll be pleased to know that the Windows client has recently updated to offer a few new features, like HD video, push to talk and you can even video chat with your Facebook friends, for more check out Skype for Windows.

New Beta Version of Dropbox for Android Offers Auto upload of Photos

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If you use the service Dropbox and you find that your using it more and more on your Android device, you might want to check out the newest version of the Dropbox client for android which will offer to upload photos taken instantly to your dropbox account among other changes, and they are also offering some more storage so you can use these new instant upload features, for more check out the Beta Dropbox client for Android.

Rename a Batch of files on your Mac with FreshBatch

The standard user interface of Mac OS X

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When it comes to finding a utility for renaming a batch of files on your Mac Desktop you might in the dark as to a program you can use to achieve your mass renaming goals, but now you can rest easy because you can use the free program FreshBatch to rename those couple hundred pictures you took from vacation, whatever the reason if your need to bulk rename files on your Mac Desktop be sure to check out FreshBatch.

Does your flight have Wifi or Live TV, find out with CheapAir

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When it comes to selecting a flight there might be other matters that are important to you like does the flight offer free WiFi, or are there TV‘s for you to watch, well you can find out these types of things the next time your looking for a flight using the service CheapAir.

Securely Store your Passwords and other Information with Dashlane

Computer Mania

Computer Mania (Photo credit: Alexandros_)

When it comes to storing your passwords using a program or service, or storing information for web forms, you may or may not use a program to do this for you, and if your looking for a program to do these type of things for you, you might want to check out the program Dashlane for Mac or Windows.


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